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By The Hospitable Team

Welcome to’s series of host case studies, where we take a deep dive into the unique experiences of our valued hosts. Through these inspiring success stories, we aim to showcase tips that can help you to succeed with your short-term rental business and better leverage your Hospitable subscription.

Christopher Trip,

Mexico 🇲🇽 and Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Favorite Hospitable feature?
Guest and Operations Automation

Christopher Trip and his team pride themselves on offering exceptional hospitality and leveraging technology to improve their operations. Christopher’s journey began in Costa Rica, where he managed numerous properties and created a positive impact on the local community by creating jobs and sponsoring a town’s youth soccer club. Today, he and his team continue to expand their business in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, focusing on large properties that maximize profitability. In this case study, we’ll share their experience using and how it has revolutionized their short-term rental management process.

The Journey into Short-Term Rentals

Upon returning to the USA after working for the Department of Defense in Iraq, Christopher wanted to live in paradise. He moved to Costa Rica in 2011 where he first dabbled in short-term rentals. He started to hear about Airbnb and took his first step into short-term rentals by renting out a room in his two-bedroom villa on the mountaintop overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

His property was in a private gated community consisting mostly of investment properties. The investors in the community soon took notice of Christopher’s success in booking up his calendar, which led to Christopher forming Playa Hermosa Vacation and managing properties for other owners in the community, eventually scaling the business to include larger, more lucrative properties in Costa Rica. These larger properties took the same amount of effort to manage but allowed him and his team to earn higher returns on commission. Christopher spent the next several years traveling the world full time, living long-term in other countries staying exclusively in Airbnbs. After relocating to Playa del Carmen in 2020, he replicated this successful model and established BNB Consulting as a central hub for management and consulting services.

Why We Chose

Christopher and his team started using Hospitable for its automated messaging capabilities, which allow automated messages to appear genuine and not robotic. This approach aligns with their goal of providing a great guest experience while streamlining processes. Hospitable enables Christopher and the team to automate tasks without sacrificing quality, allowing them to focus on personal guest interactions and handling unique situations.

Our Favorite Hospitable Features

“We love the Guest and Operations Automation features on Hospitable. The messaging rule rabbit hole runs deep. These tools help us maintain our five-star reputation while handling various properties. Additionally, we’ve leveraged Hospitable alongside PriceLabs and my custom code to create automated income/expense reports, Google Calendar entries, and even an automated Telegram Bot/Assistant that we use internally to make our management process more efficient.

Hospitable plays an integral role in our plans to expand our short-term rental business. We proudly display their logo on our consulting website and share our positive experiences with other property owners. We even offer services to help others set up their automation using, confident that it can transform their rental management process as well.”

Property on laptop

Christopher’s journey into short-term rentals showcases the power of combining exceptional hospitality with innovative technology. By utilizing Hospitable’s automation features and integrating them with other tools, they have streamlined their operations and provided outstanding experiences for their guests. will facilitate your business growth.

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