Hostaway vs. Guesty

Hostaway and Guesty are well-known enterprise solutions tailored to property management companies. They both have a broad range of features for advanced users, requiring deep knowledge of the market and a lengthy setup process.

Guesty also offers a Light package with limited functionality for individual hosts.

We will enrich the comparison by adding the G2-best-rated vacation rental software in 2023-24, built with individual hosts in mind—Hospitable.

Check the table below for a TL;DR comparison

Guesty Hostaway Hospitable
Famous for Property management solutions Property management solutions Communication automation
Best fit for Property management companies Property management companies Individual hosts who prefer simplicity
Cost Enterprise pricing Enterprise pricing, fixed or comission-based $59 per two listings
Free trial 14 days, limited features, not more than 3 listings No; paid trial for managers with 200+ properties 14 days, all features
G2 Crowd ratings 4.5/5 4.7/5 4.9/5
Capterra ratings 4.5/5 4.8/5 4.8/5

Guesty is an enterprise-class solution for property management companies and is probably the most famous brand on the market. In 2021, it purchased Your Porter and rebranded into Guesty for Hosts or the Light package of Guesty. The second solution applies to users with three or fewer listings and will require a migration once you get the fourth listing to your portfolio.

Hostaway is also enterprise-class, which feels from the first encounter—they do not offer a free trial and claim that a new account setup takes 2-8 hours. Hostaway offers a month-to-month contract (Guesty is annual-only). However, both platforms offer paid onboarding to new users.

Hospitable was built for individual hosts and is meant to be convenient and easy to use. The setup process is seamless and takes just a few minutes. It comes with all the necessary templates from the box. A 14-day free trial is more than enough to test the features, and the support team is always there to help and guide you, free of charge.

Compare Hostaway vs. Guesty vs. Hospitable using the tables below

Messages Automation

Guesty Hostaway Hospitable
Triggers Check-in, check-out, confirmation. Check-in, check-out, confirmation. Check-in, check-out, confirmation, question, inquiry, cancellation, day of the week.
Preview before sending Automated or preview Automated or preview Automated or preview
Adjust message based on special conditions Yes Yes Yes
Proactive communication No Automated upselling Offer an extended stay based on availability
Reactive communication No No Detects questions on 20+ topics and responds automatically
Shortcodes for personalization Yes Yes Yes

Reviews management

Guesty Hostaway Hospitable
Publish personalized 5-star review Yes Yes Yes
Publish bad review at the last moment No No Yes
Follow-up with a guest to get a review Yes Yes Yes


Guesty Hostaway Hospitable
Calendars Yes Yes Yes
Pricing Yes Yes Yes

Direct booking

Guesty Hostaway Hospitable
Website builder Yes Yes Yes
Payment processing Yes Yes Yes
Google Vacation Rentals Partner Yes Yes Yes


Guesty Hostaway Hospitable
Accounting Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic pricing Yes Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes Yes
Guest verification Yes Yes Yes
Home automation Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Yes Yes Yes
Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Smart locks Yes Yes Yes

Property management solutions

Guesty Hostaway Hospitable
Reporting Ample Ample Standard
Accounting Yes Yes No
Revenue Management Yes Yes No

Team reminders

Guesty Hostaway Hospitable
Channels Email, SMS Email, SMS Email, SMS
Custom messages for every team member Yes Yes Yes
Task management Yes Yes Yes

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Hostaway vs. Guesty: summary

Hostaway and Guesty are both good fits for property management companies that know exactly what they need. You will probably need to book demo calls with their sales teams to make a proper selection between those two.

Hospitable is a great fit for new individual hosts who want to streamline their business without reading long manuals and going through hours of setup.


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