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Powerful tools to put you in the driver’s seat.

No ever-changing algorithms here. Start to welcome direct bookings, minus the risk.

Your website, by design. Showcase your properties the way you want. No technical skills are required. Use our professional, easy-to-customize website templates or drop our booking widget into your existing setup. 

  • Custom domain included
  • Optimized for desktop and mobile
  • Display your property how you want
  • List your property on Google Vacation Rentals

You’re covered.

No need for you to go it alone. We’ll help you to screen guests before they book (powered by Autohost). Plus, insure your property with up to $5M worth of damage protection (powered by Know Your Guest by Superhog).

  • Guests screened in the booking flow
  • You decide whether to accept a guest
  • All reservations are covered by insurance. Period.
you are covered

Process payments with ease.

Direct booking flow

Securely receive credit card payments through your website during booking. As Merchant of Record on Direct Premium, we’ll take the hit on lost payment processing fees if a guest cancels. Sales and lodging taxes are automatically calculated and collected.

  • Accept card payments fast and securely
  • Link any personal or business bank account
  • Payouts 24 hours after check-in, in most cases

Host confidently with Hospitable.

Hospitable’s hosting tools let you save time on property management and guest messaging. Respond to 90% of messages with automated, AI-powered messaging. Sync booking calendars across platforms and prevent double booking. Never miss a cleaning with automated reminders for your team.

  • Respond to guests without lifting a finger
  • Direct and 3rd party bookings all in one place
  • Integrate with best-in-class software such as Google Vacation Rentals, PriceLabs, Turno, numerous smart lock brands, and more

Direct pricing.


PropertiesDirect Premium per month*Direct Basic per month
Properties 1-9 $5 per property$8 per property
Properties 10-19$4 per property$7 per property
Properties 20-49$3 per property$6 per property
Properties 50 & above$2 per property$5 per property

*Direct Premium also has a per booking charge of 6% of the nightly rate and fees + $10.  Currently, Direct Premium is only available in the USA (including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands), Australia, and the UK, with plans to expand to Canada next.

Compared to 3rd party OTAs, that’s quite a saving. Below is a comparison of how our Direct Premium offering saves you money vs Airbnb, Vrbo, and

Direct Comparison

What you get in Premium vs. Basic

Guest service fee
6% + $10
Site builder
Booking widget
Tax collection
Tax calculation
Not included
Payment processing fees
Not included
Guest vetting
Not included
$5M damage protection
Not included


Direct Basic is the “do-it-yourself” option, primarily for hosts that already have experience in taking direct bookings. With Direct Basic, you can use our Direct websites and booking widget, but you need to connect your own Stripe account, you pay your own payment processing fees, you are liable for chargebacks, you need to know the lodging tax rates for all of your properties, and we currently do not have integrated solutions for guest vetting and damage protection.

We charge a monthly software licensing fee for each property you associate with a Direct payout method.

Additional monthly fee per property*

Property 1-9$8$5
Property 10-19$7$4
Property 20-49$6$3
Property 50 & above$5$2

*The monthly per property fee is waived during the pilot. We will notify all users before we start collecting monthly fees so you have time to make a decision on whether or not to continue using Direct.

For Direct Premium, we also charge the guest a service fee of 6% + $10 on each booking. The service fee covers your payment processing fees, your refund and chargeback liability, your tax calculation and, in some locations, tax filing and remittance services, your guest vetting service, your $5M damage protection, the fees lost on rejected booking requests, and more.

There is no guest service fee for Basic, and neither version of Direct charges a host fee or commission.

Guest service fee0%6% + $10
Site builderIncludedIncluded
Booking widgetIncludedIncluded
Tax collectionIncludedIncluded
Tax calculationNot includedIncluded
Payment processing feesNot includedIncluded
Guest vettingNot includedIncluded
$5M damage protectionNot includedIncluded

As the Merchant of Record, Hospitable processes the payment, accepts liability for refunds and chargebacks, provides customer support during the booking process, and in general is responsible for the quality of the marketplace experience.

Chargeback liability can be especially important for smaller-scale hosts, where a single chargeback against a small turnover volume could trigger consequences with a payment service provider. Instead, Hospitable can spread the risk and liability of chargebacks across a large client base, so occasional chargebacks don’t restrict your ability to keep processing payments. Let us deal with the hassle of payment disputes!

We like to think of Direct Premium as a hybrid between an Online Travel Agent like Airbnb and the do-it-yourself direct booking options out there that require a lot **of setup and leave you bearing all the risk.

Similar to OTAs, Direct Premium helps hosts manage risk by investing in things like Merchant of Record liability, guest vetting, and damage protection on every reservation.

Unlike OTAs we don’t pass on the costs of big budget advertising campaigns to you and your guests.

So how do we stack up? Let’s compare direct booking versus OTAs.

Guest fee6% + $1017%12-14%+varies
Host fee3%8%17.5%

Hospitable can collect lodging taxes from the guest and pass them through to you with the payout. For Basic, you need to enter your own taxes for each property. For Premium, we will calculate them for you and update them when there are changes.

You are responsible for filing and remitting your taxes to the appropriate jurisdiction in a timely manner (most jurisdictions are monthly filings). In the near future, we will start filing and remitting for Premium hosts in a limited number of jurisdictions where 1) we are legally capable to do so, and 2) where it makes business sense for us to do so. For now, filing and remitting lodging taxes are your responsibility. Premium users may be required to sign regular affidavits that you are properly remitting the taxes that have been passed through to you.

For Direct Premium, we make an ACH transfer to your bank account 24 hours after check-in or when the payment settles, whichever comes later. If a guest books within four days of their check-in we may not have received the payment when the guest checks-in, in which case we will show you the settlement date, which is your payout date for that booking.

For Direct Basic, you are in charge of your payouts. Note you will be liable for cancellations, refunds, and chargebacks.

  • Accidental and malicious damage
  • Damage due to theft
  • Damage to belongings/contents
  • Damage to common/shared areas


What’s not covered?

  • General wear and tear/cosmetic damage
  • Damage not caused directly by a guest
  • Bodily injury suffered by a guest or host

You can find out a lot more about Direct here.

You are missing out! helps you automate messaging, team, and operations management, and run all your Airbnb,, and Vrbo properties from one convenient dashboard.

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