[New Features] Availability and Pricing Sync

Sync update June 2021

When you list your vacation rental property on more than one site, it’s important to sync your prices and availability on all your booking channels. It’s much easier with Hospitable if you enable our new sync features. They will save you a lot of time.

Availability Sync

Suppose you are planning to make some improvements to your rental property, for example, renovate your kitchen. So you want to make it unavailable for bookings for a certain time.

With our new feature, you don’t have to log in to all your accounts to block these dates. Just block these dates on one platform, for example, Airbnb. Hospitable will notice these changes and sync them to all listings within your property to make your property unavailable on all connected platforms. It’s very convenient.

Availability sync regularly watches your calendar for changes and will push those changes to all listings under the property. This way, it will also help you prevent double bookings.

Want to try this useful feature? Here is what you should do.

1.      Click on Settings, then Preferences.

2.      Within the Preferences section, click on Sync.

3.      Click on the toggle “Availability Sync” to enable or disable this feature.

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Pricing Sync

Getting your vacation rental pricing strategy right on different platforms can be tricky, so many hosts use third-party tools to manage pricing for their listings. That’s convenient, but you have to pay for each active listing. And if you list the same property on Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo, you’ll have to pay for that property three times.

With the new Hospitable Price Sync feature, it’s enough to change your prices only on one platform. When you enter a new price directly on Airbnb, Hospitable will detect it. Our system will subtract the Airbnb markup from that value and change your prices on other booking channels, applying the markup set for each specific channel.

That will allow you to save money. You can integrate a pricing tool only with one rental platform (i.e., Airbnb), and we will update prices for your listing on other platforms for free.

You can also set your prices directly on Hospitable. Our system will push the prices to all your booking channels directly based on the markup rates you defined, saving you tons of time.

How often does it sync? We check the prices on the booking platforms every 12 hours. Prices will also be synced immediately whenever you change the markup rate.

Ready to try this useful feature? You will find the Pricing Sync toggle right next to the Availability Sync.

Sync feature

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on how you find these features. Visit our Feature Request portal and let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Calendar update June 2021

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