Airbnb Marketing Strategy for Hosts

Airbnb marketing strategy

By The Hospitable Team

Creating a perfect listing with a catchy Airbnb title and beautiful photos and providing an excellent guest experience is critical for building a successful short-term rental business. But that’s not enough to boost your occupancy rates.

You need to build and implement a consistent Airbnb marketing strategy to set your business apart from the competition and attract more guests. In this blog post, we’ll talk about effective marketing techniques that you can use to reach more customers and maximize your bookings.

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How to Market Your Airbnb: Establish a Brand

Everything starts with the Airbnb branding strategy, which focuses on how you want your property to be perceived by travelers and helps build trust and loyalty in the long run. Your goal should be to make your home or apartment stand out from other properties in your area and show why guests should choose yours over others.

Having an established brand makes it easier for your guests to remember your vacation rental. They will find you faster on Airbnb when they are ready to book with you again. Use these tips to create a successful Airbnb branding strategy for your home:

  • Give your rental a unique name or title that is easy to remember. Highlight your location and the unique features of your rental space.
  • Use high-quality, professional Airbnb photos of the exterior and interior of your property. Make sure they tell a visual story.
  • Create your bio as a host and include information about yourself and what you do outside of the home.
  • Set a competitive price for your listing based on your specific accommodations, amenities, and general location.
  • Build a complete listing—fill in all the available information and be honest.

It’s also essential to maintain excellent communication with your guests via Airbnb messages and be ready to answer their questions as fast as possible. Show your guests that you are an attentive and welcoming host. Then, you’re sure to get 5-star reviews that are essential for building your brand’s reputation.

Being responsive and available to travelers 24/7 is challenging. But with, you’ll be able to automate conversations with your guests and save a lot of time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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Airbnb Promotion Options

Airbnb allows hosts to create promotions for their listings to drive more bookings. If you have a new and unbooked listing, you can get your first three bookings faster with Airbnb’s new listing promotion. Airbnb allows hosts to apply a 20% discount to any eligible listings for the first three bookings. To be eligible, a listing must have instant booking enabled and smart pricing disabled.

If your listing has at least three bookings, you can take advantage of a custom Airbnb promotion. You can create a custom promotion if you go to your listing’s calendar, select Promotions, choose your dates, and set a discount of at least 10%.

Depending on the strength of your discount, Airbnb will apply different types of special tagging, like strikethrough pricing and a “new lower price” message, to your listing in the search results. These tags will encourage guests to click on your listing and can help increase your bookings.

How to Promote Airbnb Listing outside Airbnb

To be profitable in the short-term rental market, you need a solid plan to reach the widest audience possible. Your Airbnb marketing strategy is the direction you take to bring your vacation rental business in front of travelers and turn them into your guests. It’s a plan of action for how to market your Airbnb, which can include online and offline marketing channels.

Promote Your Listing on Social Media

Many travelers look for recommendations on social media when planning their future trip. So you should use at least Facebook and Instagram to promote your vacation rental business.

Create a Facebook business page for your Airbnb properties and use it to post content about your short-term rentals and share useful tips for travelers. For example, you can provide recommendations on the top destinations in your area, landmarks to see, and things to do. Besides, you can use Facebook paid advertising to raise brand awareness and attract more followers to your page.

Instagram is a good platform to reach a younger audience—millennials or Gen Z travelers. Try to experiment with different content formats available on the platform, such as posts, stories, Highlights, and Reels.

You may also create a YouTube channel for your brand and focus on making videos that feature your properties and top tourist attractions in your area.

List Your Rental on Multiple Websites

If you want to maximize the visibility of your rental property, you should list it on other OTA websites, including and Vrbo. Just make sure to sync your calendars and availability to avoid double bookings. And although communicating with potential guests on different channels requires more time and effort, it’s really worth it, especially if you use the right tools.

With, you’ll be able to manage your listing on multiple platforms easily in one convenient location, update prices, and assign tasks to your team automatically. Our tool will also protect you from double bookings.

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Join Vacation Rental Forums

By joining vacation rental forums, you’ll be able to interact with other hosts about various issues related to hosting on Airbnb. You may get valuable advice on how to manage your business more effectively. You can also benefit from a bit of “word of mouth” advertising to market your property.

If you stay active in the community, your fellow Airbnb hosts will likely look out for you and may send some business your way. So you should work on building up your credibility to ensure that other hosts know that they can trust you enough to send you referrals.

Build Partnerships

Local partnerships can provide a unique value for your short-term rental business and might help it stand out. Use partnerships with local restaurants and amusement parks to create special offers and discounts for your guests.

Such collaboration is mutually profitable, and local businesses can benefit from it as well. And your guests are sure to appreciate that booking with you can help them save money throughout their stay with local special offers.

Final Thought

Airbnb marketing is an essential aspect of business growth, so it’s vital to get it right. Remember that getting ahead of the competition requires a creative approach, and you should be ready to go the extra mile to provide real value to your audience.

There are many creative ways to reach your target guests on Airbnb and outside the platform. Hopefully, our tips on how to promote Airbnb listing will help you increase bookings and make your vacation rental property profitable.

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