Vrbo Premier Host Program: How to Qualify and Is It Worth It?

vrbo premier host

By The Hospitable Team

Listing your property on multiple OTA websites is a proven tactic to grow a successful vacation rental business, but you should also strive to boost your performance within each channel too. One of the ways of doing it is earning “elite” status on the channels you are already listed on.

Everybody knows the famous Airbnb SuperHost program, and you should also consider Vrbo’s Premier Host program. It was launched in November 2017 as the HomeAway Premier Partner. The program was designed to recognize and reward vacation rental owners and property managers that consistently deliver great traveler experiences.

In this article, you’ll find information on how to become a Premier Host on Vrbo and the advantages of this status.

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What Is a Premier Host on Vrbo?

Vrbo is one of the largest vacation rental marketplaces that features more than two million listings available in nearly 200 countries. That means that the competition is very high, but with over 15.9 million unique visitors a month, the platform gives property owners and managers lots of visibility in front of travelers. Still, it is crucial to stand out.

Free Vrbo Premier Host program was created to help you do just that. It promises individual vacation rental owners and property managers more visibility in search results and, thus, more bookings and revenues.

According to Vrbo, this program recognizes and rewards partners who consistently go above and beyond for guests. But to become a Premier Host on Vrbo, you have to meet a specific set of requirements.

Vrbo Premier Partner: Benefits of Becoming a Vrbo Premier Host

As a Premier Host, you are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Premier Host badge will be tied to your profile and shown across every listing in your account, even new listings.
  • You’ll get access to Boost program that improves your search position across your entire account for select dates.
  • Premier Host filter will place your listing among other top performers to help it stand out to travelers.
  • You can take advantage of Priority Support with 24/7 access.

How to Become a Premier Host on Vrbo

You’ll automatically be added to the program as soon as you meet the eligibility criteria, so you’ll be able to start using the benefits right away. There’s no need to apply. Your properties will display a Premier Host badge in search and on your listing.

Your status is reviewed every quarter to determine if you still qualify for the program. Quarterly assessments take place on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. 

Vrbo reviews performance over the past 365 days and removes accounts from the program that no longer qualify. But if you are removed, don’t worry. You’ll automatically be added back into the Premier Host program when your account meets the eligibility criteria.

That means you’ll need to provide a consistent outstanding guest experience. You either need to work 24/7 or start using short-term rental automation tools.

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You can monitor your scorecard from your Vrbo dashboard under the Performance tab and track your progress toward achieving Premier Host status. Besides, you can download a report from the scorecard to see metrics from each reservation and learn more about your overall performance. It’s possible to use the report’s filter and sort options to identify areas for improvement you should focus on. 

Now let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria for becoming a Vrbo Premier Host. They are based on the combined performance for all listings in your account over the last 365 days. And they are the same for all hosts, no matter whether you list just one property or a hundred:

  • 90% or higher booking acceptance rate
  • Under 5% or lower owner-initiated cancellations
  • 3 or higher average review rating
  • 5 or more bookings (or 60 or more booked nights)
  • 3 or more reviews from guests

If you meet these criteria, you’ll immediately become a Premier Host.

Essentially, to get the badge, you need to focus on the following areas:

9 Tips to Help You Meet Premier Host Requirements

So what can you do to make your Vrbo listing stand out from your competitors and attract more guests?

Have conversations with your guests even when you sleep.

We will detect questions and answer on your behalf; send fully custom messages triggered by events, and much more!

These are some things you can do to make your Vrbo guests happy and encourage them to leave positive reviews. Good reviews will provide social proof and make your property more appealing to travelers. This way, you can boost your performance.


Vrbo Premier Host Program is for rental property owners and managers on Vrbo who meet specific performance requirements. By being a Premier Host, you receive exclusive benefits and services on Vrbo. This way, the platform rewards you for your efforts to be a consistently high-achieving host.

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