Vrbo Check-Out Instructions: What to Include?

Vrbo check-out instructions

By The Hospitable Team

As a Vrbo host, you understand that it’s essential to make a great first impression on your guests when they arrive at your rental property. But it’s also vital to ensure a smooth check-out process.

You should provide your guests with clear Vrbo check-out instructions so that when it’s time for them to depart, they know exactly what they need to do before they leave. Keep reading to learn what to include in your check-out instructions to help guests understand what is expected from them.

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Vrbo Check-Out Instructions: Help Your Guests Navigate the Process

Setting detailed check-out instructions will eliminate any confusion or uncertainty and ensure that your property is secured after travelers leave. It can also help leave a memorable impression and round off your guests’ stay on a positive note.

Providing travelers with check-out instructions can also ensure that your cleaning team will need less time to prepare your house or apartment for the next guests. That means optimizing your turnover process while also cutting down your cleaning costs.

But you should remember that it’s crucial to focus on the basics and avoid overwhelming guests with too many tasks to finish before they walk out the door. After all, your guests are already paying a cleaning fee, so they shouldn’t feel like they have an endless list of errands to do on the last day of their vacation.

There are several suitable occasions to share check-out instructions with your guests. You should include it in a welcome message with house rules upon their arrival so that they are aware of your instructions early enough. You should also send them separately, as a reminder, about 24 hours before their departure.

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So what should you include in departure instructions? First, you should clearly specify the check-out time. You should also put your contact information somewhere on the list, so your guests can contact you if they have any questions.

Here is a list of simple cleaning tasks you may request your guests to perform after their stay:

  • Stripping each bed of dirty linens and sheets;
  • Placing the dirty dishes in the dishwasher;
  • Placing all garbage into outside containers;
  • Moving all furniture to its original setting.

There are also necessary tasks that guests should be reminded to perform before they exit the property to avoid any power wastage and ensure your home is secure after they leave. You should request that travelers

  • Check closets and drawers for personal items;
  • Switch off all the kitchen appliances and other devices;
  • Switch off the A/C and thermostat;
  • Turn off all lights and ceiling fans;
  • Check that all windows are closed;
  • Close and lock all doors;
  • Leave keys in the lockbox (if you use physical keys).

Remember to include a thank-you note to show your guests that you appreciate that they chose to stay at your property. Mention that you hope to see them again soon. Adding this thoughtful touch can go a long way toward 5-star guest review and even repeat bookings.

Vrbo Check-Out Time

It’s important to manage guests’ expectations for when they are required to leave your rental property so that you can have enough time for cleaning and preparing for the next arrival. It’s up to your to choose the check-out time that works best for you and specify it in the house rules section of your listing.

You should communicate your Vrbo check-out time in the welcome letter or welcome guide, and it’s a good idea to reiterate it on the guest check-out instructions too.

Vrbo Late Check-Out Fee

Early check-ins and late check-out of Vrbo guests is probably the most common issue that hosts struggle with. It can create big problems if your vacation rental property is booked back to back.

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So what can you do if you’re sick and tired of your guests taking their time to leave your vacation rental property? You can make it a rule to pay for additional time—charge an extra Vrbo late check-out fee.

You can either charge your guest per hour, for example, $40 per hour, or even charge them for a full day. These additional costs could ward off a late check-out, and even if it does occur, at least you’ll make some money from it.

Just inform your guests in advance that you can’t keep check-out time flexible. You should also provide an explanation on why you charge the late check-out fee; then travelers should be respectful of that.

Final Word

When your guests check out, it’s perfectly OK to leave a short list of instructions for them to follow. Simple but clear Vrbo check-out instructions will help your guests navigate the process, serving as a friendly reminder to stick to your house rules. Sending them at the right time gives you one more chance to provide a pleasant experience for your guests, keep them coming back, and get great reviews that bring more bookings.

And remember that using the help of automation tools like Hospitable.com, you can master this step with minimal effort. Moreover, with Hospitable.com, you can automate all your routine tasks to streamline your operations and focus on growing your short-term rental business.

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