Vrbo Check-In Instructions: Making the Process Easier for Guests

Vrbo check-in instructions

By The Hospitable Team

When you list your vacation rental property on Vrbo, the easiest way to get 5-star reviews is to ensure that your guests have an effortless, pleasant stay. That experience starts even before travelers arrive at your place, so you should think about little things like a welcome basket that would make them feel at home. You should also make sure that your check-in process is stress-free and smooth.

That means that before your guests arrive, you need to provide them with detailed check-in instructions so that they can easily access your property and feel welcome. In this article, you’ll find some tips on creating clear check-in instructions for your Vrbo guests and what information travelers will find most useful.

You may also find it helpful to read our article that offers guidance on how to provide your guests with Vrbo check-out instructions.

Vrbo Check-In Instructions: What to Include

We recommend including check-in and check-out instructions in your Vrbo welcome guide. The platform will send your guests an email with this information seven days before the check-in. When creating your check-in instructions, you should try to answer as many possible questions as you can before travelers even ask.

Still, you should be ready that your guests may have lots of questions, so you’ll need to provide them with fast answers. Luckily, you can easily do it with Hospitable.com. Our tool uses Artificial Intelligence and can automate up to 90% of your communication with guests.

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You may use this checklist for guidance on what information to include in your Vrbo check-in instructions:

  • Your property’s address—put it at the very top of the page;
  • Driving directions—explain the best way to arrive at your place from the airport, train station, or motorway;
  • Your check-in time;
  • Parking instructions and suggestions;
  • Contact number to reach you;
  • Your local contact person who can help if something goes wrong with the check-in process ;
  • Where to find the key (Is there a lockbox code, or will you meet them upon arrival?);
  • Ensure your guests are aware of your house rules.

You may also want to include additional helpful information, for example, the WiFi password or the list of what is provided (linen, towels, etc.), and explain where these items are located.

Vrbo Check-In Time

There is no set standard Vrbo check-in time, and each host can decide a time that works best for them and their guests. You need to include this information in your listing description. Typically, check-in time is from 2 pm to 4 pm. But people travel around the clock, so your check-in time must be, first and foremost, reasonable and flexible.

When setting check-in time for your rental property, you should consider different factors. For example, many hosts use different check-in times for weekday and weekend stays. Business travelers don’t mind checking in later because they often arrive after work hours. And weekend guests who look for relaxation are more eager to arrive earlier, so you may offer them an optional early check-in.

You should also consider your turnaround time and coordinate your check-in and check-out times to ensure enough time to clean your space and prepare for the next booking.

Vrbo Self-Check-In

Add self-check-in to your Vrbo listing because it’s an easy way for your guests to get inside. It allows them to gain access to the rental property without needing the host to be there. Offering your guests a self-check-in will improve their experience because they can have a flexible arrival time and more privacy. It can help make the process smoother and more comfortable for them.

Travelers can arrive at your place at any time after a specified check-in time on their arrival date and conveniently access your home using a key lockbox, a smart lock, or a keypad. Self-check-in saves you time and makes your Vrbo listing more appealing to tech-savvy travelers, making them more likely to make a reservation.

Providing self-check-in can simplify things for guests, but you as a host are responsible for creating a safe process. So you use a lockbox, you should update the combination between stays and ensure that no one else has access to the keys during the reservation. After every reservation, you should also change the code if you use a keypad or a smart lock.

By the way, Hospitable.com has seamless integration with popular smart lock systems, like Schlage Encode. Our tool can provide your guests with the entry code and instructions on using the lock. Moreover, Hospitable.com offers many other valuable features to help you put your vacation rental business on autopilot. You’ll be able to manage listings on multiple platforms from one convenient location and be protected from double-bookings.

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Final Thought

Clear Vrbo check-in instructions are essential to ensure an effortless check-in process for your guests. They can also help you create a seamless guest experience from the very start, which will result in excellent reviews and more bookings.

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