Vacation Rental Organizations You Should Follow

vacation rental organizations

By The Hospitable Team

Because of the increasing demand for short-term rental properties and the rapid growth of the vacation rental industry, vacation rental associations are also gaining popularity. They exist as support hubs and focus on simplifying legislation, communicating industry trends, and providing helpful resources to their members and followers.

In this blog, you’ll find a list of vacation rental organizations you should consider keeping an eye on.

Why Should You Follow Vacation Rental Managers Associations?

Vacation rental organizations were formed to encourage greater cooperation between the members of hosting community in tackling common industry challenges and taking advantage of shared opportunities. They provide education, networking, professional development opportunities, independent research, and advocacy.

Following a vacation rental managers association will allow you to get in touch with other rental property owners and property managers who share the same enthusiasm for a growing industry. You’ll be able to exchange ideas, information, and knowledge with other hosts who list their properties on Airbnb, Vrbo,, and other OTA platforms.

That will allow you to implement the best practices in providing a great experience to your guests to get more bookings and build a successful vacation rental business. 

On top of that, using rental management software like Hospitable, you’ll be able to make your business more efficient. Hospitable can help you automate all routine tasks and save time to focus on marketing your vacation rental properties and making your guests happy.

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Which Vacation Rental Associations to Follow? 

There are vacation rental organizations that work worldwide. But because vacation rental regulations and restrictions and common experiences differ in different countries, many associations work within borders. So you can also find regional and national groups of various sizes to serve your needs.

To help you get started, we’ve created a list of vacation rental associations you can start looking into today.

Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA)

The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) was founded in 1985 and has a rich history of supporting its members and the vacation rental industry. Now it’s the largest association for vacation rental property managers, owners, and suppliers of products and services to the industry. It works worldwide, providing its members with education, information, and networking opportunities, and advocates on behalf of the vacation rental industry to protect the right to rent.

Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners (ASTRHO)

The Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners (ASTRHO) is a professional network for all short-term and vacation rental homeowners. ASTRHO helps homeowners navigate the financial, legal, and operational landscape with accurate educational materials and access to expertise and community support. You are welcome the association even if you aren’t a short-term rental homeowner yet but only thinking about starting a vacation rental business.

Much of their learning materials, articles, and newsletters are open and free on the association’s website, but there is a fee if you decide to go for membership in the community. ASTRHO members access e-courses, monthly webinars, local chat groups, special interest groups like regulatory advocacy, discounts, or deals on home supplies and services.

Short-Term Rental Advocacy Center

The Short-Term Rental Advocacy Center aims to promote best practices in short-term rental regulations. It was created as a response to hosts who need help engaging with local policymakers that may be considering how formalizing fair and reasonable STR regulations can responsibly foster this growing industry. The organization can provide you with how-to guides and template advocacy materials you can use as you begin outreach in your local area.    

Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals (VRHP)

Now part of VRMA, VRHP, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of vacation rental housekeeping professionals. Its mission is to be an industry leader, elevating guest experience through the operational excellence of its members. All VHRP members can access certification programs, webinars, seminars, news, marketing materials, and supplier discounts.

European Holiday Home Association (EHHA)

The European Holiday Home Association (EHHA) was founded in 2013 to promote, represent, and protect the interests of the short-term rental industry. Its goal is to improve all aspects of the holiday homes sector, such as regulations, environment, and social and economic impact, to name a few. Its members are online STR platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, national trade associations, property managers, and property owners in Europe.

Association of German Holiday Home Agencies (VDFA)—Germany

The Association of German Holiday Home Agencies (Verband Deutscher Ferienhausagenturen) was founded in 1997 and is the oldest holiday home association in Germany. The VDFA represents the interests of property managers and vacation rental agencies in Germany and EU countries. The association promotes holiday home tourism, combatting fraud with targeted educational work, hosting events, and providing networking opportunities.

Home Holiday Association (HHA)—UK

The Holiday Home Association is the trade association that represents the self-catering holiday accommodation industry. The HHA operates primarily in England and supports its members, providing information to help them run their businesses and representing the industry’s interests to the government. It also provides members free telephone and email support, a free legal helpline, and a dispute resolution service.

The Short-Term Accommodation Association (STAA)—UK

Founded in 2017, the STAA offers membership for short-term rental hosts, short-term rental businesses, and industry suppliers. The association represents the industry to policymakers, offers opportunities for education and engagement, and focuses on creating a community to drive growth opportunities for its members. The STTA works to create a stable and supportive regulatory environment for the STR industry.

Property Managers Italia (PMI)

Property Managers Italia (PMI) unites hospitality industry professionals from all over Italy. The PMI focuses on providing its members with clear and up-to-date training and information and trade union representation at local, regional, and national institutions. The association collaborates with different political parties and trade union organizations in the sector to propose and work on laws supporting residential tourism.

Spanish Federation of Holiday Rentals Association (FEVITUR)

This Spanish vacation rental organization was founded in 2013, and now it represents over 185,000 vacation rentals across the country. One of the goals of the FEVITUR is the collective defense of the interests of the vacation rental industry. The association also offers surveys, statistics, and research.

Final Word

We’ve provided you with a list of vacation rental organizations that give STR hosts and property managers a voice and support them, providing personal help.

The members of these professional communities are willing to share their knowledge and help each other. Even just following an association’s activity can help you find answers to your questions about the vacation rental sector and learn about the best practices to take your business to the next level. Membership in the suitable organizations can always become a next step.

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