Upcoming Hospitable Masterclass: Direct Booking Tricks for More Repeat Guests

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By The Hospitable Team

Ever thought about becoming more independent of third-party platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com? Direct bookings give you the ability to build a larger loyal customer base, increase your profits, and gain greater control over your short-term rental business. And Hospitable.com is here to support you on this journey. 

One of the key aspects of direct bookings is attracting and keeping your repeat guests happy. We’re making sure the best direct booking tips and tricks are coming your way asap

On March 2nd, Damian Sheridan, Founder and Director of the Book Direct Show and the Scale Rental Show, will share his personal journey into the world of direct bookings, revealing his strategies and lifehacks from the first guest to a secure client base. The workshop will feature an open Q&A session where you can ask anything about direct bookings and beyond.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of successful direct bookings and consistent repeat guests at your short-term rental properties!

Get the best direct booking tips and tricks from industry experts.

Join our fun, interactive, and informative session on attracting more repeat guests!

Who is Damian Sheridan?

Damian is a true industry expert and a leading voice in today’s short-term rental world. As a founder of two must-attend events for anyone looking to grow their short-term rental business, he has a wealth of experience and a passion for helping hosts and property managers succeed in the competitive environment of short-term rentals.

His Book Direct Show is designed for those looking to generate more direct bookings and offers a whole range of practical, actionable advice from expert speakers. It presents a perfect opportunity for hosts and managers to connect with other like-minded professionals and learn from the best in the industry.

The Scale Rentals Show, on the other hand, is dedicated to professional short-term rental businesses managing 25+ properties and looking to scale their business profitably and sustainably. This conference covers a range of important topics, including AI, tech and data trends, promotion, property acquisition, management systems, regulation and legislation, and much more.

Loaded with expertise and insights tested over the years, Damian’s Masterclass will zoom in on direct bookings in detail, and his tips and tricks to get repeat direct bookings are not to be missed.

Direct Bookings in Detail

Using a direct booking website has numerous benefits for both the guest and the property owner. By avoiding online travel agencies (OTAs), hosts have a direct line of communication with their guests, which builds a more personal and bespoke relationship, often for years to come.

For guests, direct bookings present an opportunity to receive a personal touch from their hosts and have a straightforward way to address any questions or requests. Moreover, hosts often provide valuable local insights, such as the best eating and drinking places, or the most romantic spots in the area, which third-party OTAs simply cannot offer.

To boost their guest experience and secure a returning customer, hosts use a variety of tools from automated messaging to follow-up newsletters, showcasing the experiences in the area. Additionally, utilizing website design and social media, such as Instagram, to showcase beautiful imagery and useful information attracts potential guests and helps build brand awareness.

Curious to learn more about direct booking tips and tricks?
Then our Masterclass is definitely for you!  

Masterclass Agenda

During his talk, Damian will share how to make your guests feel special. He will let you in on some of his best advertising strategies and why his direct booking customers return to his properties. Additionally, he will talk about the most crucial aspects of a direct booking website that hosts must know to steadily grow their short-term rental business.

More specifically, Damian will take us through the following topics:

  • Airbnb and other third-party OTAs versus direct bookings
  • Direct bookings 101: Attracting first customers 
  • How to promote a direct booking business
  • The best ways to secure a stable customer base
  • Tips and tricks to make repeat guests feel special
  • What are the deal-breakers on your direct booking website 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry expert and gain valuable insights on direct booking strategy and tools. Register for the Masterclass today and join us on March 2nd, 2023, for a fun, interactive, and informative session.

Can’t make it? Register anyway and we’ll make sure to send you the recording.

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