Upcoming Hospitable Masterclass: How to Build a Direct Booking Vacation Rental Brand

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By The Hospitable Team

Are you a short-term rental host looking to increase your direct bookings and create a brand image that stands out? Then we have great news for you! Hospitable.com is hosting a webinar to help you build an exceptional direct booking vacation rental brand. 

On April 27th, 2 pm PT, Arthur Colker, the Founder and CEO of StayFi – the leading provider of WiFi marketing services for vacation rentals, will share his first-hand expertise, including tips and tricks to better your brand and increase direct bookings and how using StayFi can help you do so. Join us for this interactive Masterclass, where you will also have the opportunity to ask Arthur your questions in a Q&A session. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to take your vacation rental business to the next level. Register now for the Hospitable Masterclass with Arthur Colker!

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Who is Arthur Colker?

Arthur’s experience in digital marketing strategy and branding consultancy led him to create StayFi in 2018. Back in the day, the company’s very first product, captive guest WiFi, allowed short-term rental hosts to collect valuable guest data. Since then, the StayFi team has continued to promote an innovative WiFi marketing approach. 

As Founder and CEO of StayFi, Arthur is a leading expert and innovator in WiFi marketing services for vacation rental companies, creating new technological solutions that meet the unique needs of the dynamic short-term rental industry. 

One of StayFi’s standout features and the hot topic of the upcoming Masterclass is their custom WiFi splash page that ensures every guest remembers your brand and not just the booking platform. The page collects verified emails and ensures guests agree to your terms and conditions.

Sharing his unique WiFi marketing approach, Arthur’s Masterclass will aim to help our hosts  increase direct bookings and improve the guest experience.

Why does a brand for your vacation rental matter?

Direct bookings are becoming increasingly important for short-term rental hosts, and for a good reason. By cutting out the online travel agent, hosts keep more of their profits and build stronger relationships with their guests. In addition, direct bookings allow hosts to control their brand and create a unique experience for their guests, rather than being lumped in with the competition on third-party booking sites. But why does branding matter and how do you build a strong direct brand? 

A brand goes beyond just a logo or color scheme; it’s how potential guests perceive your STR business. Establishing a consistent brand that evokes the feeling you want your guests to have is crucial. By doing so, you will differentiate yourself from competing listings and be remembered by guests. 

If you’re looking to take control of your brand and increase your direct bookings, then you wouldn’t want to miss the next Hospitable Masterclass with StayFi’s Arthur Colker.

Masterclass Agenda

During the session, Arthur will discuss some best practice tips for brand building and increasing direct bookings. We’ll then open up the session for audience Q&A.

More specifically, Arthur will focus on the following topics:

  • Why are direct bookings important?
  • Why is it important to create a brand image for direct bookings?
  • What are the tips and tricks to create a better brand and increase direct bookings?
  • Why is email marketing important in the STR business?
  • How can a product like StayFi help STR hosts increase their direct bookings?

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry expert and gain valuable insights on creating a vacation rental direct brand. Register for the Masterclass today and join us on April 27th at 2 pm PT (5 pm in New York, 11 pm in Paris) for a fun, interactive, and informative session.

Can’t make it? Register anyway and we’ll make sure to send you the recording.

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