Unique Vacation Rentals: 14 Cool Places to Get Inspired

unique vacation rentals

By The Hospitable Team

One of the main reasons why a lot of travelers prefer accommodations in short-term rentals to staying in hotels is the unique experiences they offer. In fact, each vacation rental home or apartment is different from the rest and provides something new.

Moreover, many unique vacation rentals differ significantly from a typical apartment or a traditional family home. Let’s take a look at some unique rental properties listed on Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com. These extraordinary rentals attract travelers looking for cool experiences to make their stay memorable.

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Unique Family Vacation Rentals

Vacation rental homes are a popular alternative to hotels, especially for people who are traveling with their families. They’re private, spacious, and often more affordable. Here are unique family vacation rentals that are really fun places to stay.

Toy Story Experience, El Paso, Texas

This bright and cheery El Paso vacation rental incorporates the movie into its decor. The home features three bedrooms and two full baths and is a perfect place to bring the whole family. It has many fun features, including a kid-friendly living room with a fireplace, comfy seating, and a “you’ve got in friend in me” photo backdrop.

The Bloomhouse by Lodgewell, Texas

Situated in the hills of West Austin, the Bloomhouse represents the symbiotic interaction of man and nature and is a celebration of creativity and magic. This extraordinary rental was built in the 70s and meticulously restored looks like a giant seashell unicorn, and the entire structure has no straight lines or corners. The interior of the Bloomhouse features cherry wood accents, cabinetry, and shelves carved in situ to complement and enhance the natural shapes.

Mouse House with Pool, Clermont, Florida

Appealing to both kids and adults who are kids at heart, the Disney Mouse House is a single-family home with three luxurious Disney-themed rooms. It has everything travelers need to make their Walt Disney vacation memorable. Guests can also relax by the pool or challenge the family in the game room.

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Unique Cabin Rentals

Here are our top picks of unique cabin rentals that are the perfect escape away from the everyday hustle and bustle of modern life.

Appalachian Container Cabin

It’s a tiny home built from shipping containers in the Smoky Mountains. Surrounded by trees and mountains, the lovely modern cabin is thoughtfully designed, comfortable, and functional while still energy-efficient and visually inspiring. It was recently featured on the new HGTV/DIY show “Containables.” But the main reason to stay here is probably the breathtaking views overlooking the Appalachian Trail.

Off the Grid Cabin in the Green Mountains

It’s a rustic spot surrounded by trees and a perfect place for a secluded escape in the green mountains. This cozy cabin is ideal for adventure seekers. There is no electricity and no Wi-fi, but there are battery-powered lights and a wood stove to keep travelers warm on chilly nights. Travelers can easily hike to Libby’s Look for panoramic views or walk to the nearby swimming hole.

The Roundabout Cabin near Portsmouth, Ohio

This unique circular cabin is nestled on four wooded acres along Pond Creek. It has an open-concept design, so there are virtually no doors between the bedroom, shower, living room, and kitchen. The rooms wind around the central stone fireplace with varying levels, and walls of windows blur the lines between inside and out, connecting travelers with nature in every room. Guests can also enjoy the outdoors from the patio.

Unique Beach House

Staying in a unique beach house is an ideal option for travelers looking for an instant escape to luxury, adventure, and endless summer.

The Pole House at Fairhaven, Australia

With a design that dates back to the Seventies, the Pole House is one of Australia’s most iconic homes. Suspended 40 meters above Fairhaven Beach, the unique beach house instantly became a landmark, a manmade natural attraction. The Pole House was recently renovated, and now it has floor-to-ceiling windows, modern furniture, and the walkway to this vacation rental home is like walking on air.

The Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This one-of-a-kind house, also known as ‘Casa Caracol,’ offers spectacular views of the Caribbean. It’s one of the most romantic places to take a vacation. The house is situated in a gated property with a private pool, kitchenette, and barbecue, and it is ideal for travelers who would prefer to vacation away from the crowds.

Iconic Glass Mansion, Osage Beach, US

Glass Mansion is perched on beautiful, natural rock cliffs overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks. This gorgeous, luxurious house has floor-to-ceiling windows that span the entire house and offer awe-inspiring lake views for miles from almost every room. Glass mansion has a massive open-concept kitchen and living room area on the main level and four spacious master suites, each with its own bathroom and lakeside deck.

Beautifully Decorated Beachfront House on Gulf Beach

This fabulous vacation home named “Villa Delphinus” for the leaping dolphin constellation is located on Dauphin Island, close to Dauphin Island Public Beach. It has a large, wrap-around, partially covered deck for panoramic views of the Gulf and Bay, where guests can enjoy blissful sunsets, ocean breezes, and the sound of waves lapping at the shoreline.

Typically, beach properties provide a higher rental income than vacation rentals that don’t offer beach amenities. So buying a beach house can be a good investment strategy for short-term rental hosts. If you are considering this opportunity, our article is a good place to start your research to find locations to buy a beach house for rental income.

One of those locations could be a good option to find a property with great earning potential and list it on multiple sites to reach more travelers. You will need a reliable channel manager to sync pricing and availability and avoid double bookings.

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Unique Rental Properties: Most Unusual Listings

These amazing rentals from Airbnb’s OMG! category attract adventurous travelers looking for the weirdest and most wonderful stays.

Unique Stay in a Converted Crane, Amsterdam

This one-of-a-kind three-story apartment, located in a monumental harbor crane, is the perfect hideout to escape the buzz of the city. With a luxury bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, it has an interior that makes guests feel special and provides spectacular views over the IJ River.

Traditional Navajo Home, Monument Valley, Utah

This rental is a truly unique and magical traditional Navajo hogan that was built with local Juniper Trees and mud, so it stays cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s a great accommodation for travelers who want to stay back in time to experience life the traditional way and disconnect from the modern world.

UFO ‘Futuro Styled Flying Saucer,’ Redberth, United Kingdom

This unique Airbnb property has an incredible spaceship look and design and offers guests the opportunity to sleep in their very-own ‘flying saucer.’ It is located in the heart of South Pembrokeshire, only a short distance from the popular seaside resorts of Tenby and Saundersfoot, with white sandy beaches and picturesque Harbors.

Boot-Shaped House, New Zealand

The Boot is a cozy two-story cottage in the shape of a giant boot rising from the ground like something straight out of a fairytale storybook. It’s located in the picturesque area on the Tasman Coast that features a rugged coastline and is backed by mountain scenery to explore.

Final Thought

Unique vacation rentals are increasingly popular among vacationers who are looking for something different in the places they stay—Instagram-worthy backdrops, exciting amenities, and authentic experience. So it can be a good idea to create an unusual stay by remodeling your existing rental property and providing your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Hopefully, our inspiring examples of amazing vacation rentals will help you get creative. And if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, you can at least add small touches to your rental space to make your guests feel special at your home. Check out the decorating ideas and tips to create a stunning space and attract more guests.

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