Switching to Hospitable.com STR Software: How Easy Is It?

switching to Hospitable

By The Hospitable Team

You want to change your vacation rental management software but you don’t want to deal with the learning curve, downtime, or frustrating logistics of switching platforms. We get it.

That’s why we’re all about making hosts’ lives as easy as possible—including when making the switch to our platform.

If you’re ready to send automated messages that sound like an actual human, coordinate your team automatically, and sync calendars across Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, and more—without the tech issues, unwelcome price jumps, or lack of customer support that plague some platforms—you’re in the right place.

Here’s how.

Switching to Hospitable.com is quick, easy, and safe.

Connect your listings, set up your messages, and make sure everything is perfect before you flip the switch.
Start now with a 14-day free trial.

We know that switching to a new system can feel daunting

As a host with more than a handful of properties, you want it to be easy to manage your rentals, with minimum hassle or potential for error. You don’t want to lose time on switching platforms or have to suffer downtime because of systems being offline. 

Getting used to a new system or training your team in new processes risks accidental calendar clashes, prices that differ across platforms, or unhappy guests unable to get through to you.

And you definitely don’t want to spend days waiting to chat with support reps who don’t answer your questions properly (that’s if you can get support at all).

We know that it’s easy to think “better the devil you know” when it comes to software, for fear that moving yet again could cause even more problems.

But that’s why Hospitable is designed to address all those needs immediately. It includes all those processes in its simple, adaptable, and light platform—and is fast to set up right off the bat.

In fact, one host who now uses Hospitable told us they had previously tried several different solutions but none were close to what they needed. 

“I did so many [software] trials,” he explained, “and all the other [software providers] were complicated. They were offering all sorts of things that I didn’t need.”

Is switching to Hospitable.com from my PMS really the best move?

The real question is, is staying where you are even a genuine option? You definitely don’t want to stay stuck in a system that’s not working for you, paying for tools you hardly ever (or never!) use.

Hospitable is all about offering you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

We know that many hosts sign up for larger PMSs because they think that’s what they need to be successful in the industry. And yet, they quickly find themselves stuck in cumbersome systems with limited support from huge, faceless PMS companies that aren’t designed for their specific situation.

If that feels all-too-familiar, then switching to Hospitable from your existing PMS could definitely be right for you. 

Switching to Hospitable.com?Hospitable.comTypical PMSs
Easy to set up in minutes with no long connection delays+
Easy to switch to with minimum learning curve or staff training+
No changes to your Airbnb or Vrbo accounts+
14-day trial so you can set up without disconnecting old PMS+
No paying for extras, just in case you might use them in future…+
Works as a light, adaptable complement to Airbnb and Vrbo+


What makes switching to Hospitable.com fast, easy, and secure

The table above shows some advantages of Hospitable that might work for you, and addresses key issues you may be having with your current PMS. So far, so right for you.

But what about the actual process of switching? Is it really as easy as it seems? Yes. Here’s why.

Zero downtime or loss of service 

Hospitable is not a PMS in the traditional sense. It actually works more like an “add-on” to your booking channels and your direct booking website.

This means that you can start using Hospitable even while your old PMS is still connected. 

Unlike switching from one PMS to another, which would require you to turn off the old one before turning on the new one (causing downtime), Hospitable doesn’t cause any downtime at all.

Plus, with the 14-day free trial, you can get everything set up in Hospitable well before you turn off your PMS, meaning there is even less risk of any issues with moving across.

Also, connecting Hospitable to Airbnb, and Vrbo doesn’t require any changes to your account setup.  You can still use your Airbnb calendar or allow Vrbo to process payments for you.. Unlike some PMSs, which require you to make all changes through them, Hospitable.com offers all the back-end functionality you need, without ever removing your direct control. 

No waiting times to connect to your channels

Because Hospitable is so easy to set up, and doesn’t depend on a clunkier, more complex PMS operations system to get started, it can start working in the time it takes you to register and log in. 

You can connect your existing Airbnb and Vrbo pages in the time it takes to punch in your login details, as those connections are ready to go. This can take less than a minute.

Hospitable already has working integrations with tools designed for smart pricing (PriceLabs), smart locks (Schlage Encode), security background screening (Autohost), and insurance (Superhog or Safely). That means you can start using them right away, without any complex coding needed, or weeks of delays waiting for connections.

Easily pick up where you left off

Hospitable.com prides itself on having all the features that vacation rental hosts need, and no clunky extras they never use. 

This means you can start using all the tools you already have in your old system, without the frustration of paying for (or navigating) complicated processes. 

Key features include: 

  • Instant Guest Experience Messaging and Automated Replies that use AI and can be easily personalized so they always sound like a real person (meaning you can reply to guests promptly even in the middle of the night and aren’t spending hours typing out the same responses)
  • Channel Manager that prevents double bookings and gives you a central point to adjust pricing and availability
  • Centralized Inbox so you never miss a message and can see guest reviews, ratings, and locations
  • Team Collaboration and Task Management for staff coordination
  • Financial and Operational metrics that offer powerful insights into your business and no complicated analysis you don’t need, use, or have time to decode
  • A Direct Booking website builder specially designed for vacation rentals that automatically uses information from your listings to build a site from scratch in seconds.

This means you can copy and paste existing messages, and connect to existing channel listings, without any downtime or lack of functionality in the key areas you use most.

Easy to use, no long learning curve

As a light and accessible tool, Hospitable is simple to use. It doesn’t take months of learning or lots of complex systems to set up, and doesn’t require weeks or months of complex training to understand.

Each process is designed to be intuitive for the average user, so there’s no need to host complicated training, experience any loss of business, or accidentally appear unprofessional to guests (error messages or lack of response) because staff are grappling to keep up with new systems.

You can get to grips with the Hospitable system in minutes, and new hires won’t need a complex onboarding process to get started immediately.

Ongoing support from our customer service team

One of the most common complaints about larger PMS companies tends to be that their support staff are either difficult to get hold of, or ineffective when it comes to answering queries specifically about vacation rental host needs. 

But Hospitable.com prides itself on offering easy-to-access, human support for all customers, including via web chat or email—whether you’re an experienced host or still getting started on the platform.

Hospitable has industry-leading support and is rated 4.9 on G2, 4.8 on Capterra, and 4.4 on Trustpilot by users, who say the team is “fantastic, prompt, quick, flexible, and excellent to have on hand”.

Plus, the Hospitable team is available to support you during onboarding, so you can ask any questions you need to before flipping the switch.

Instant cost savings

Because Hospitable.com only offers you the super-useful tools that you actually need, and is specifically designed for short-term vacation rental hosts, it will almost certainly offer considerable cost savings compared to PMSs that are designed for huge hotels and property management companies.

Hospitable.com’s prices are transparent and calculated per property, with all extras (such as VAT) included (and the more properties, the better value the fee). 

Beyond the first two, you only pay for properties that have had at least one check-in over the past 30 days, so you’re not paying to run a system that isn’t getting used.

What’s more, there are no additional fees for listing your property on one, two, three channels, or more. Nor are you locked into a contract—you can cancel at any time. Plus, you can try the full system for free for 14 days, so there’s no risk where cost is concerned.

Switching to Hospitable: Quick, easy, and simple

Long story, short: Hospitable.com is simpler and more straightforward than a PMS, with user-friendly yet powerful tools that you actually use, plus better support when you need it.

It includes features many users will need on a daily basis, such as automated messages, task management, calendar management, calendar syncing, and staff coordination, but on a light and intuitive system that’s specially designed for hosts like you.

Switching each element can take literally minutes, and the platform offers a two-week free trial so you’re fully confident that everything is running well before you make the final jump.

Switching to Hospitable.com is quick, easy, and safe.

Connect your listings, set up your messages, and make sure everything is perfect before you flip the switch.
Start now with a 14-day free trial.
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