Hospitable Tip: How to Provide Your Guests with Instructions for a Sofa Bed When They Actually Need It

sofa bed instructions

By The Hospitable Team

Design, cleanliness, and amenities are all essential things that will help make your Airbnb listing an attractive option for travelers. But you shouldn’t forget about the number and size of beds that make the foundation of Airbnb. 

A sofa bed in your Airbnb rental property will increase a sleeping space and will allow you to host more guests. As a result, it will help you increase your revenue. Of course, you need to provide your guests with clear instructions on using the sofa bed.

A sofa bed can be typically used when you host three or more guests. So, you may want to show these instructions only when they are interesting to your guests. And what if you have several different listings, and only some of them have a sofa bed?

What can you do?

A fantastic Hospitable feature can help you automate this task. You will be able to provide your guests with instructions on using a sofa bed only when they really need it, and it won’t affect messages for your other listings.

You can create custom codes for specific listings and add a condition for certain reservations. Then just add your custom codes to your templates and watch the magic happen. 

Are you ready to try this feature? Read our easy step-by-step guide.

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