Best Tips to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business—Podcast Compilation—Part 3

podcast compilation part 3

By The Hospitable Team

If you’re a vacation rental host gearing up for the new year, you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered some of the brightest minds in the industry to help you kickstart the year with a bang. 

In the last part of the Hospitable Hosts Podcast Compilation series, we’re unveiling the best tips and strategies to get your vacation rental property ready for the year. These industry leaders have shared their invaluable insights on record so that your short-term rental can be transformed into a powerhouse!

Enjoy the selected highlights below or jump to your favorite streaming platform for a pro-tip conversation! 

The Ultimate Guide to Direct Vacation Rental Bookings

Mark Simpson, Founder of Boostly

Mark Simpson - quote

Kicking off our lineup is Mark Simpson, an industry expert who has helped hundreds of hosts reduce their dependence on online travel agencies (OTAs) for over a decade. During the podcast, he guides you through all the nooks and crannies of going direct

  • Moving away from Airbnb 
  • Your must-have Direct Booking tools
  • DOs and DON’Ts of Direct Booking branding
  • The economics of Direct Booking (including taxes and refund liability)

Curious to hear Mark’s top tricks? Listen to the full episode here

Why Marketing Is Important for Vacation Rental Hosts

Bill Faeth, Founder of Build STR Wealth

Bill Faeth - quote

In this episode, Bill outlines why and how to make marketing your hosting superpower. Discover his “golden rules” for vacation rentals and the pivotal role marketing plays among them. It’s a conversation filled with insights, advice, and a dash of humor you don’t want to miss:

  • The crushing trio: property management, marketing, and revenue management
  • Time to stand out: buyer persona, target markets, and tailored communication 
  • Excluding rookie mistakes: social media ads

Curious to hear more from Bill? Listen to the full episode here

How Digital Welcome Books Increase Your 5-Star Reviews

Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies, Chief Marketing Officer at Touch Stay

Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies - quote

Throughout the fun chat, Kate shares some pro tips on getting the most out of a digital welcome book and answers some common questions:

  • How do you create and edit a welcome book? 
  • When do you share it with guests? 
  • How do you access it in remote locations? 
  • What are the common mistakes, and how can you avoid them?

Looking to increase your 5-star reviews? This episode is a must-listen!

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How to Supercharge Your Vacation Rental Bookings 

Kelvin Mah, CEO and Founder of Rankbreeze

Kelvin Mah - quote

With direct booking and marketing covered, we sat down with Kelvin to uncover the secrets of short-term rental success. The conversation was fast-paced and to the point — only the juiciest tips on turning your Airbnb listing into a first-page result

  • Rankbreeze and its three optimization pillars
  • Identifying your strong and weak spots
  • Crafting a strategy for growth and improvement

Are you curious to hear more from Kevin? Listen to the full episode here

Turning Your Airbnb Operation Into a Simple Investment

Mike Reilly, Co-founder and CEO of Your BNB Property

Mike Reilly - quote

Mike joined our latest Hospitable Hosts podcast episode to turn your hosting nightmares into effortless profits. He talked about how to scale up fast and easily, leveraging cutting-edge tools to handle all daily STR operations: 

  • Strategy: a balanced mix of short-term and mid-term stays
  • Optimization checklist: using platforms like Hospitable 
  • Setting new standards: becoming #1 Boutique STR Managers

Curious to hear more from Mike? Listen to the full episode here

More in 2024

Listen to more expert chats, tips, and strategies in 2024 — our podcast guests will keep sharing their best practices on your favorite podcast platforms. Stay tuned!

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