The Must-Have Tools for Vacation Rental Management—Podcast Compilation—Part 1

Podcast compilation 23-1

By The Hospitable Team

We’ve been inviting the leading industry experts to our Hospitable Hosts podcast for two full seasons now. Last year, we ramped up our production — we released 16 episodes with the best industry insights to help you navigate the vacation rental industry! 

Have you missed any of the episodes? Want to refresh your memory? Or are you curious to hear who walked the talk in 2023? We’ve got you covered as we compile three amazing blogs on the hottest industry topics: must-have hosting tools, vacation rental finances, and direct booking tips. 

This time, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into the world of vacation rental property protection, guest screening, cleaning management, and smart tech!

Enjoy the selected highlights below, or jump to your favorite streaming platform for a pro-tip conversation! 

Your Smart Vacation Rental Insurance 

Leo Walton, Co-Founder of Superhog

Leo Walton - quote

Your vacation rental protection starts with the right insurance. We sat down with Leo to collect the best tactics for insurance and protection of your vacation rental business. He shared valuable insights on creating a safe environment for both you and your guests:

  • The easiest ways to protect vacation rentals
  • The latest solutions and tools
  • Protecting Direct Booking properties 
  • BONUS: Funniest fraud attempts ever detected

Curious to hear more from Leo? Listen to the full episode here

Your Detailed Guest Screening

Austen Bernhardt, Sales & Partnerships Manager at Autohost

Austen Bernhardt - quote

The topics of safety and security are paramount for every host. We decided to dive straight into the intricacies of guest screening and invited Austen to tell us how automation can ensure a seamless, secure hosting experience without compromising your guests’ comfort. He then talked about: 

  • Reasons why guest screening is a must 
  • Smart guest screening solutions
  • Securing lower-risk reservations
  • Guest verification for Direct Booking 

Curious to hear more from Austen? Listen to the full episode here.

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Protecting Your Vacation Rental with Smart Tech 

Nils Mattisson, Co-Founder and CEO of Minut

Nils Mattisson - quote

Apart from hosting happy vacation memories, your vacation rental property can become a home to the occasional symphony of loud mishaps — cue the overly enthusiastic karaoke session and the midnight tap-dance extravaganza. But Nils ensures that smart tools will save your day:

  • Explains the technicalities of noise and occupancy monitoring
  • Describes the use of outdoor sensors and collaboration with security firms
  • Illustrates how monitoring both protects your property and elevates the guest experience

Curious to hear more from Nils? Listen to the full episode here

Streamlining STR Cleaning Management 

Derrick Agyiri, Co-Founder of

Derrick Agyiri - quote

Whether you managed to prevent a party or not, there’s still one constant challenge every vacation rental host faces… cleaning! Squeaky-clean properties, happy guests, and glowing reviews — we want to check every box. Good thing that Derrick tells us how, as he: 

  • Lists the best streamlined cleaning practices 
  • Warns about the most common yet avoidable mistakes
  • Describes cutting-edge software solutions
  • Sets new cleaning standards 

Curious to hear more from Derrick? Listen to the full episode here

Boosting Guest Experience with Streamlined Cleans & Check-ins

Mario Zorović, Business Development Manager at KeyNinja

Mario Zorović - quote

Mario believes streamlined cleanings and easy check-ins make a great dynamic duo of the guest experience strategy if your property is in an urban jungle and demands more than just simple key exchanges. To prove his point, he answers all questions in our podcast:  

  • Which properties would benefit from in-person check-ins? 
  • Why do you need a tool for in-person services? 
  • How do you ensure that a qualified person is on the job?  

Curious to hear more from Mario? Listen to the full episode here

More tips about finances and direct booking! 

Excited to get even more hot tips from our seasoned industry experts? 

Two more podcast compilation blogs are coming soon, while our guests keep sharing the best tips on all your favorite podcast platforms. Stay tuned!

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