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Grow your product with Hospitable Connect

What is Hospitable Connect?

Connect your app to Airbnb, via Hospitable’s API.

  • A simple connection flow that allows your customers to connect their Airbnb listing(s) to your app in under a minute!
  • A powerful API with historical data related to your customer’s channels, listings and reservations.
  • Webhooks that deliver robust data for connected channels, listings and reservations to your app in real time.
  • More OTAs on the way. Soon we’ll provide Connect for more than just Airbnb.

Connect to Airbnb, without a PMS

Your customers can connect their Airbnb account to your app in 1 minute.

  • Better your product with data on listings, calendars and reservations from Airbnb.
  • Expand your customer base by attracting a new group of hosts that don’t use a PMS.
  • Skip the wait for your own official Airbnb integration. Implement in weeks, not months.
Hospitable Connect connection flow

How does Hospitable Connect work?

Getting setup with Hospitable Connect’s API.

You can read our technical documentation for Hospitable Connect here.

  • We’ll provide you with a link that you’ll drop somewhere in your app. This will direct your customers through our simple connection flow.
  • You’ll pass Hospitable Connect some basic information that allows us to personalize their connection journey.
  • Your customers will allow Hospitable to access their Airbnb account, and we’ll import their listings and share them with you!
  • Upon granting access, Hospitable Connect will begin sending you webhooks complete with the data you need to power your product! Like new listings, calendar, reservations and guest information.

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We are starting with a connection to Airbnb, and plan to add other OTAs in the future.

Hospitable has an existing relationship with Airbnb therefore Hospitable leverages their official API. However, you as the partner will not be connected directly to Airbnb’s API, but to Hospitable Connect’s API.

Yes! If you have a customer who leverages another PMS, they can still connect their Airbnb account to you via Hospitable Connect without conflict.

No! Hospitable as most know it and Hospitable Connect are different products serving different audiences. Hospitable Connect’s customer is you (we like to call you our partner!), and your customers are the end-users and beneficiaries of our simple pain-free (and dare we say enjoyable) connection!

For our partners — During implementation, we offer a connected slack channel that gives our partners direct access to the team who built Hospitable Connect. We’ll do everything we can to support you as you build!

For your customers, our end-users — We’re happy to help support your customers / our end-users if they encounter any issues during the connection flow. However, given your relationship (they’re your customers, not ours) we expect they may reach out to you for support first. If that happens and you need help solving a problem, you can reach out to us on the connected slack channel.

Because our relationship with Airbnb is an official one, we are notified of most API changes well in advance. This allows us to offer a very stable connection that those with unofficial integrations don’t have. This doesn’t make us immune, but it does give us a certain stability that others can’t claim.

Our connection to OTAs is what powers our core platform (the Hospitable many hosts know and love!). If it goes down, we go down, so our full focus will go towards remedying any issues that arise.

Hospitable Connect is not a side project for us. It is a fully fledged product that we have dedicated resources towards, and we’re not going anywhere 😉

We sure do! We want to make sure this partnership benefits everyone, so if you request co-marketing we’re happy to discuss it. Since our marketing is seen by Hospitable customers (users of our core platform), we require an integration with our core platform through our Public API before any co-marketing can begin. This gives your company an opportunity to win business both from existing Hospitable customers and any hosts who don’t use Hospitable.

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