New Name, New Jokes—a Message from the CEO

new name new jokes

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we changed our name recently. We were very excited to share the news but we never went into detail about the reasons behind our decision. 

I know some of you loved our old name and will be disappointed to see it go. Smartbnb was a good and catchy name but it didn’t truly reflect what we stand for anymore. 

Don’t get us wrong, we didn’t fire all the smart people in the team. We just decided that being hospitable is more important for us than being smart

Since our very beginning, our mission has always been to help you grow your short-term rental business through the use of technology. The truth is, we’ve grown so much in the past years. Going through the Covid-19 pandemic made us strong and resilient. We evolved into a business that’s about a lot more than just messaging and automation. 

We want to help you become the best hosts you can be. Hosting was never really about the ‘bed and breakfast’—it’s about the experience you provide to your guests. We also want to provide the best experience to you, our customers, and that means having a brand name that speaks to our values.

We had to go back and rethink what is really important to us. Turns out, being smart means a lot to us. It has nothing to do with technology, though.

  • It means being simple. We’re just ordinary people who happen to know our way around technology. We try not to get into tech-speak and buzzwords. We design every new feature to help you run your business more efficiently.
  • It means being humble. Our goal is to deliver real value and results but we don’t like to brag about it. We aim to be a reliable partner and we never promise something we can’t deliver.
  • It means being caring. We’ll never leave you alone if there’s a problem. We’re responsible and put great care into our customer support efforts.

We realized we want to be Hospitable—as a company, as a product, as a team, and as individuals. 

Our new name probably won’t stick with you immediately. Some of you love it and others not so much. Pardon my French but at least you can pronounce it right.

We also heard ‘Hospitable’ sounds like ‘Despicable’ so from now on you can refer to our customer support minions when you need help. 


But really, our new name means a lot to us. We appreciate your feedback and hope that all of you will be hospitable and give it a chance.




Pierre-Camille Hamana

CEO, Hospitable

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