[New Features] Guest Experience

Guest Experience Update June 2021

Hospitable has released some new features that were highly requested by our hosts. Now, we would like to share with you our updates to Guest Experience.

Day of the Week Messages

Do you ever need to notify your guests of some recurring events like taking out the trash for scheduled pickup? You can now do so using the “On a given day” feature in messaging rules. It is live already. Give it a try, and we’ll be thankful for any feedback on our board.

Are you ready to try out this useful feature for your listings? You can enable it in your account settings. Just follow these easy instructions.

day of the week

First, click on the “Add New” button in the Messaging rules section.

Then you need to choose the option “On a given day of the week”.

Now you can enter your settings and type a message you want to send on a certain day of the week. Finally, you need to activate the rule.

You can exclude the message from being sent on the day a guest checks in.  If the message is scheduled for the day a guest checks out, it will not be sent to that guest on their check-out date.

Rescheduling a Scheduled Message

Most of our users enjoy setting the rules for sending scheduled messages. But what if you have a special case and need to advance or delay the scheduled message?

Now you can, with the new feature—Rescheduling a scheduled message. Using it, you can manually change the timing of any scheduled message.

Wondering how you can do it?


You can easily reschedule a scheduled message from the Guest Experience overview (“Pending messages”) and the “Log” detail screen.  These messages can also be edited from the “Activity” section in any conversation with a guest.

All you have to do is manually choose a specific date from the calendar or set another time. Then you need to click on the Save button to save the changes. That’s all.

And what if you want to send that message immediately? With Hospitable, that’s also possible. You can do it if you click on the Send now button.

Your feedback and suggestions are very welcome!

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Resolving Conversations

Do you like to keep your Inbox clean and uncluttered? Then this update is definitely for you.

If you mark conversations that no longer require your attention as resolved in the Inbox, they will be removed from the main Inbox into the special “Resolved” segment. Just select conversations in the Inbox and click on the new Resolve button.

resolving inbox

You can view Resolved conversations if you click on the “Resolved” segment under Status in the sidebar. And if you need to bring the conversation back, you can mark it as Unresolved at any time, using the button in the floating panel at the bottom of the screen.

Any new messages from the guest or changes in reservation status will automatically bring the conversation back into the Inbox. Even if the conversation is marked as resolved, any scheduled automated messages from Hospitable will be sent at their scheduled times.  This will not remove messages from your OTA inbox.

Enjoying the feature? Got suggestions for improvement? Please let us know!

Preferred Names for Guests

Many of us tend to use our full names when registering on different platforms like Airbnb. While in personal communication, we prefer to be called by our shorter names. As a host, you definitely want to maintain a friendly tone and use the guest’s preferred name in all personalized messages. With the new feature, you can now do so.

Here is what you should do to set a preferred name for a guest.

preferred name

Open the conversation with the guest in Hospitable and click on the guest’s name at the top of the screen. You’ll see that you can edit it in the same way that you edit messaging rule titles.

Type the preferred name of the guest. Then click outside the guest name box or hit Enter, and you’re done.

After that, any future automated messages that are sent with the %guest_first_name% and %guest_last_name% shortcodes will use the updated guest name that you’ve set.

The data about the preferred guest’s name will stay in Hospitable and will not be transferred to the OTAs. You will see the preferred guest name in the Inbox and conversations view. All the other sections of Hospitable not involved in the communication (i.e., Calendar, Log reports, etc.) will continue carrying guests’ official names.

As always, we’ll be grateful for your feedback and ideas on the use of this feature.

Calendar update June 2021

[New Features] Calendar

The hospitable team is continuously working on improving our system to help you automate running your short-term rental business.
Recently, we have added several new features to the Calendar.

direct bookigs

[New Feature] Manually Add Reservations to Hospitable

The new feature allows you to add bookings from other channels to hospitable, including bookings made directly between you and the guest.
You can still take advantage of hospitable automation tools to message your guests, send notifications to your team, and get calendar updates.

Property Mute feature

[New Feature] Muting Properties

hospitable is on a mission to help you be flexible and quick to react to changes. Prefer to select which of your accounts’ properties will benefit from automatic messaging and other hospitable features? Want to skip some of the properties? Now you can!

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