[New Feature] Muting Properties

Property Mute feature

By The Hospitable Team

In the dynamic world we live in, everything changes faster than we can realize. Everything seems like riding a roller coaster these days. Your business needs to be agile and ready for any changes. Hospitable is on a mission to help you be flexible and quick to react.

There are times when some of your properties remain inactive.  With our pricing structure, you may not pay for Hospitable to manage that listing for you. 

Do you prefer to select which of your accounts’ properties will benefit from automatic messaging and other Hospitable features? Want to skip some of the properties? Now you can! 

We are happy to announce that you can now mute individual properties on Hospitable.

Muting turns off all Hospitable features for the selected property and excludes it from your invoice. But what does it do exactly?

Muting means that:

  • Hospitable will not be sending any messages for this property
  • The property will not show up in your inbox, calendar, metrics, operations or in your rule scopes.

Let’s see how you can mute a property!

Muting properties on account connection

Just getting started with Hospitable or connecting a new account? Muting selected properties couldn’t be more straightforward.

property mute screenshot

While connecting your new Airbnb or Vrbo account to Hospitable, you will see a list of all listings that Hospitable has imported from your account. Clicking the ‘Mute’ button next to the property will exclude the property from your Hospitable account.

Accounts already connected? Read on to learn how you can mute your existing listings!

Muting properties from the properties section

If your account is already connected, head to the properties section and mute or unmute properties from there. Just open the property details, click the ‘Mute’ button, and it’s done!

When you mute a property, all Hospitable features will immediately stop working for this property, and the property will be excluded from your invoice in the next billing cycle.

Obviously, muting couldn’t be simpler. Unmuting is no rocket science either!

Unmuting properties

When you change your mind and decide to unmute a property, head back to the properties section, and click on the ‘Muted properties’ segment in the sidebar. It will conveniently display all your muted properties.

Open the property details and click ‘Unmute.’ Unmuting activates all Hospitable features, including automatic messaging, for this property immediately. If the property includes active listings (with check-ins this month), it will be included in your invoice in the next billing cycle.

Use the property onboarding assistant to review your setup, and get the property up and running on Hospitable in no time.

Hospitable is continuously working to make running your short-term rental business a breeze. Let us know what you think about property muting!


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