Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals

most expensive airbnb

By The Hospitable Team

Airbnb started in 2008 as two enterprising friends renting air mattresses on a loft apartment floor. The initial concept was to help budget-minded travelers save by sharing living spaces in high-priced cities and allow property owners to start a business to earn extra money.

But since then, Airbnb has come a long way and evolved into an OTA site catering to all types of travelers. Today, the platform is a marketplace offering some of the most unique and luxurious places to stay around the globe. It lists grand mansions, historic villas, luxury estates, medieval castles, private islands, and spectacular places to stay in cities.

We’ve conducted a research to offer you a list of the most expensive Airbnb listings worldwide that attract travelers looking for a luxury experience.

Most Expensive Airbnb in the World

Here are some of the most expensive Airbnb in the world that boast exquisite design and high-end amenities, are furnished for the best guest experience, and are situated in exceptional locations.

Villa Machiavelli, San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Italy

1 Villa Machiavelli

$8,204 / night

It’s a Renaissance-era estate once owned by the Machiavelli and Mazzei families. It is based just 20 minutes outside Florence in the Chianti Classico region and is perfect for exclusive rental, accommodating up to 16 guests.

Built in the 16th century, the villa was fully renovated, beautifully furnished, and tastefully filled with modern amenities. Guests can explore vineyards and olive groves on the property and enjoy panoramic views of the countryside.

Brisas Del Mar Beach Oasis, Mexico

2 Brisas Del Mar Beach Oasis

$15,600 / night

This luxe beachfront villa has six suite-style bedrooms with designer details: a stone fireplace, flat-screen TVs, walk-in closets, and private terraces. There are eight spa-style bathrooms with steam showers and a gym on the main terrace.

The villa’s luxuriously modern design includes original art, handcrafted ironwork by local artists, and a custom bar with snakeskin floors. Guests also enjoy a private putting green, heated pools, multiple lounge areas, and direct beach access.

Chateau in Burgundy, Burgundy France

3 Chateau in Burgundy

$12,641 / night

Château de Vallery is an incredible Airbnb gem that offers picturesque fairytale living. This French castle is located one hour south of Paris and is rented mainly for wedding parties. With great historical rooms, a swimming pool, tennis court, rose garden, and 28 bedrooms, the property can accommodate a gathering of 25 or more guests.

The City Palace in Jaipur, India

4 The City Palace in Jaipur

$7,484 / night

Guests can truly get a royal treatment staying in this 300-year-old palace, which is home to the royal family of Jaipur and has seen such guests as Princess Diana and Oprah Winfrey. The bookable suite is located in one of the palace’s private sections. It includes its own lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and private indoor swimming pool.

Luxurious Safari Lodge, South Africa

5 Luxurious Safari Lodge

$13,209 / night

This five-suite retreat is located 400kms northwest of Johannesburg and can accommodate 14 guests. It’s an eclectic garden villa with seven bedrooms with king-size upholstered beds, and seven bathrooms with showers. Outdoor features include an infinity pool, hot tub, and terrace with lounge area.

Ultra-modern Villa, New Zealand

6 Ultra-modern Villa

$25,704 / night

This six-bedroom lodge is ultra-modern in construction and can accommodate 12 guests. It has glass walls and features panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks, inspiring countless filmmakers and artists. The lodge’s luxury amenities include a media room, bar, wine cellar, and Wi-Fi.

There are wall-to-wall fireplaces, peaked ceilings, and modern art installations inside. Outdoor areas include a heated infinity pool, oversized-sculpture garden, grass tennis court, sauna, barbecue, and pizza oven.

As you see, anyone can take advantage of Airbnb and rent their home to complete strangers. Even people who have a lot of money are doing it because it’s a good business move.

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Most Luxurious Airbnb USA

And now, let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious Airbnb USA with spectacular views.

Modern Villa, Miami, Florida

7 Modern Villa

$10,000 / night

It’s an ultra-modern house in Miami with two infinity pools that gives Airbnb guests a chance to experience a peaceful waterfront retreat. The stylish house with seven bedrooms and seven baths can accommodate ten guests. It features complete amenities, including exercise equipment, an indoor fireplace, lake access, an outdoor dining area with a BBQ grill, free parking on premises, a private pool, and a private hot tub.

Private Lakefront Compound, Highland, New York

8 Private Lakefront Compound

$4,285 / night

This private lakefront estate is located in the hills of Highland, less than 90 minutes from Manhattan. It promises the most tranquil, private, and accessible holiday. There are four houses with 11 bedrooms and 8 baths to house 16 guests. So it’s a perfect place for a family reunion or other large event.

Oceanfront Home, Chilmark, Massachusetts

9 Oceanfront Home

$7,143 / night

It’s a recently renovated residential home located on Martha’s Vineyard that is home to some of the best beaches in Massachusetts and probably the whole country. This spacious, five-bedroom oceanfront property gives guests access to a private beach where they can enjoy the waves in peace. The place can accommodate ten guests and is perfect for a family getaway.

Penthouse at the Palms Place, Las Vegas, Nevada

10 Penthouse at the Palms Place

$2,786 / night

This expansive penthouse is on the top 59th floor overlooking all of Vegas, with over 6,300 square feet inside and 25,000 outdoor living space on the perimeter terrace. The terrace wraps around the interior space, providing 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Valley.

The penthouse was designed for partying and has a hot tub, a DJ booth, a pool, and an outdoor movie screen. The residence looks inviting and exciting.

Private Luxury Ranch, Snowmass, Colorado

11 Private Luxury Ranch

$4,175 / night

This expansive villa is located on 30 acres and surrounded by spectacular scenery to be a perfect choice for large groups of guests. It’s packed with luxury amenities, including a pool, a hot tub, al fresco dining, and an outdoor grill. The home has beautiful interior décor with fireplaces, exposed brick walls, and a gorgeous spiral staircase leading to the master suite.

Guests can enjoy unobstructed views of Snowmass Mountain, equestrian pastures, and the majestic valley. They may even spot wildlife from the private backyard.

Tropical Villa on the Pacific, Kohala Coast, Hawaii

12 Tropical Villa on the Pacific

$10,000 / night

This large luxury villa has five bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms and can accommodate 14 guests. It features spacious, two-story open concept living areas decorated with designer furniture, elegant wood, and marble and offers incredible ocean views.

The villa is also outfitted with a sauna, steam shower, and a fireplace. Outside, there are several swimming and spa options, alfresco dining, a barbecue, and access to water sports equipment. It’s perfect for a family reunion, high-end corporate retreat, golf getaway with fourteen friends.

Final Thought

These days, just about any accommodation type can be found on Airbnb. There are listings to suit the tastes of all kinds of travelers—whether they’re interested in renting out a room with a bed, an inexpensive cottage, a penthouse, or a castle.

But we have to admit that creating a definitive ranking of the most expensive Airbnbs is actually impossible. Prices constantly change and fluctuate, depending on the season, demand, availability, competition, and many other factors. Still, we hope that our list will give you an idea of what the most expensive Airbnb properties have to offer.

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