Vacation Rental Amenities to Boost Conversions and Improve Guest Experience

Masterclass-madison, ally & kit

By The Hospitable Team

Amenities beyond the basics — what are those? From standard guest expectations to luxury surprises that transform a guest’s stay… it doesn’t stop with goodies, as unique experiences can also be part of your offer. Take a closer look at which amenities can boost your business! 

The recent Hospitable Masterclass gathered an impressive panel of experts from Mount, Minoan, and HostGPO to offer a mix of personal insights, industry trends, and actionable strategies. From discussing Airbnb’s top-searched amenities to considering the local geography as an “amenity,” Madison Rifkin, Ally Goltz, and Kit Steen covered a wide array of topics. 

Watch the full Hospitable Masterclass and explore which amenities can make all the difference — more 5-star reviews — or read on for the key takeaways! 

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Why Vacation Rental Amenities Matter More Than Ever

Ally from Minoan kicked off the discussion with a compelling reason why vacation rental amenities have become indispensable: “Travel is just getting, in general, much more competitive.” She shared that an evolution of expectations around Airbnb supplies is driven by a broader shift in the hospitality industry, where consumers now expect an elevated version of home, complete with all the necessities for a comfortable stay.

Kit from HostGPO echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that “Amenities aren’t just upsells anymore…They’re part of the course.” She pointed out that something as overlooked as matching linens or an adequate supply of toilet paper can make or break a guest’s experience. 

Madison from Mount introduced an exciting dimension to the amenities conversation — experiences. She shared that “83% of travelers are actively seeking out and paying for something extra.” This statistic underscores the growing trend of guests looking for unique, local experiences that enhance their stay. 

All in all, your guests are willing to pay more for the ease of having everything arranged for them, from soaps and shampoos to once-in-a-lifetime excursions.

Authentic Local Experiences — The New Requirements

Madison continued by introducing the concept of “hidden gems” as a cornerstone of the new amenities paradigm. 

She illustrated this with an example of a unique dessert bar in Denver that offers an experience you’d not find without local knowledge, “It’s things like that where you can turn it into an experience, and that’s something you’re gonna remember.”

Moreover, if you understand your guest avatar, you can tailor amenities and experiences that resonate. Whether it’s a bachelorette group seeking the thrill or a family looking for kid-friendly activities, aligning your offerings with your guests’ preferences can significantly enhance their stay, or as Kit noted: 

“These experiences, these unique amenities, these are the things that set you apart. I think they’re almost a requirement now to gain business!”

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How to Know What Your Guests Need? 

Going beyond the Airbnb must-haves, listening to your customers is the golden rule in defining the right amenities.

As Ally suggests: “I found there’s a lot of power in seeing what resonates with people and doubling down on what’s working. You know, if you’re getting great reviews on something as simple as how comfortable the mattresses are — put that in your marketing!

Kit emphasizes the importance of more in-depth market research and competitor analysis. Observing what is popular or not, scrutinizing competitor reviews, and understanding market trends can illuminate what amenities are most valued in your area. She also highlighted the importance of catering to particular needs: 

“Make it safe for kids and make it fun for them! Or even pet-friendly… Something that people often don’t think about, but pet-friendly can raise your revenue by 15 to 20% over a year. So, adding things that drive revenue is important, as well as the amenities that Airbnb recommends.”

How to Avoid Overspending on Vacation Rental Amenities? 

Providing top-notch amenities is crucial for attracting guests and securing those all-important 5-star reviews. However, equipping your rental with the best Airbnb amenities can quickly become a significant expense. Our experts agree — you can keep the costs low simply by: 

  • Investing in quality linens: opt for hospitality-grade linens, which are designed for durability, ease of cleaning, and uniformity. 
  • Bulk purchases from hospitality suppliers: those products are tailored to the needs of individual properties, allowing hosts to enjoy bulk pricing without overcommitting. 
  • Cost-efficient toiletries: branded bottles not only allow for refills but also enhance the overall aesthetic and guest experience, contributing to a more eco-friendly stay.

Top Search Items — Your Amenity Ace 

According to Airbnb’s internal data, the top-searched amenities include essentials like WiFi, a kitchen, free parking… and luxuries such as a pool or a hot tub.

But our insights don’t stop there. From implementing self-check-in to considering the addition of a washer, our experts share practical tips and creative solutions to enhance your offering. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your vacation rental into a guest magnet. 

Watch the full Masterclass now to discover how to leverage amenities and make your property the go-to destination for travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and a little something extra.

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