Don’t Bet on Airbnb for Protection. Here Are Your Alternatives!


By The Hospitable Team

Airbnb’s vetting and coverage leave many hosts wanting more. We invited Austen Bernhardt from Autohost to make you think about your short-term rental (STR) property’s safety. 

Austen unveils the treasure chest of safeguards every host needs — your personal protection toolbox. He talks about the features that redefine property safety and addresses the concern of making the security processes seamless. 

From third-party services to Autohost’s unique offerings and integration, discover the armor your property deserves as you watch the full Hospitable Masterclass!

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Airbnb Verification Process — Not Good Enough 

Many hosts rely on Airbnb’s vetting process, thinking it’s a fine safety net. Austen reveals that the process is more complex than the “reassuring” green checkmark suggests: 

  • Fraud and House Rules: Airbnb’s vetting doesn’t always catch issues related to fraud, which results in property damage. Austen clarifies, “Because they’re using a stolen credit card they’re probably not going to respect your house rules.”
  • Limited Safety Fund: While Airbnb provides a safety fund, Austen reveals the fine print — it’s a safety net with limits. Relying solely on this safety fund might leave you vulnerable. 
  • Consistency Concerns: Austen candidly discusses the inconsistency in Airbnb’s vetting. Hosts may be in for a ride if they blindly trust a process that sometimes overlooks crucial details.

“When you’re working with Airbnb, even the amount of time and effort that goes into working with their team, getting your claims submitted and accepted, this time can be better spent elsewhere,” sums up Austen. 

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Avoiding Fraud and Damages

So what can lead to more safety than your guest checking a few boxes on Airbnb? Austen says vacation rental hosts can level up their defense against damages and fraud — we got his playbook in the full Masterclass, which includes: 

  • Proactive measures: integrating preventive technology into your short-term rental.
  • Reactive technologies: sustaining damage claims with ethical evidence. 
  • Guest screening: filtering out potential issues before the booking is complete. 
  • Psychological barriers: clear and transparent house rules for incidents. 

Austen clearly states the ultimate goal for hosts and third-party services like Autohost alike: “Preventing a smaller party, fraud… any damage from happening and blowing up into something bigger.”

Addressing Your Biggest Anxieties

Now that the comfort of Airbnb protection is shaken, Austen describes how security and damage prevention solutions at Autohost help hosts manage a comprehensive risk profile. 

This involves scanning and correlating a guest’s valid ID, cross-referencing facial scans from selfies and IDs, validating credit cards, and detecting the guest’s location. It’s not just information collection — it’s a symphony of security measures. 

In the digital age, preventing damage extends beyond the physical realm. “Guests’ IDs, their detected location and digital signature… when all of these things are brought into the flow, cross-referenced and correlated, that’s a super important guest screen,” underlines Austen. 

Ensure. Prevent. Communicate.

If there is a key insight to draw from our latest webinar, it is that preventing damages in the first place is the real game-changer. Austen emphasizes that it’s not just about ensuring damages; it’s about thwarting them. 

With top-notch STR tech in your toolkit, you can make decisions based on actual data, securing your business and fostering a safer hosting environment as a whole. Learn about these tools in detail and enjoy the full Hospitable Masterclass with Austen Bernhardt.

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