Unlocking Direct Booking Growth for Vacation Rentals—Masterclass Compilation—Part 2

ALL-in-ONE Masterclasses-part2

By The Hospitable Team

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of direct bookings? With the landscape of vacation rentals constantly evolving, it’s time to take control and steer toward unprecedented growth. That’s exactly what our Hospitable Masterclasses are here to help you with.

In our compilation, we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge from industry trailblazers who have mastered the art of direct bookings. Long story short — there are many ways to transform your business into a direct booking magnet. So, you better read on! 

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Direct Booking Websites 101: How to Build Credibility

Chris Maughan - quote

Chris Maughan from the International Property Rental Approval Certification (I-PRAC) goes all in to help our hosts take their direct booking website to the next level. He explains the importance of trust in vacation rental business and shares the best tips for your direct booking website:

“You’ve got to look at building trust content into your website, and at the same time, you’ve got to do your product marketing. So, trust marketing and product marketing come in seemingly at the same time, but separately.”

Are you curious to learn more about trust marketing? Watch our full Masterclass here

How to Build a Vacation Rental Brand with StayFi

Arthur Colker - quote

To help you further shape your direct booking vacation rental brand, Arthur Colker, founder and CEO of StayFi, shares his unique Wi-Fi marketing approach. From this session, you can note down actionable insights and best practices for building a brand and increasing direct bookings.

“Through Airbnb automation, you’re talking with the booker. But when you have the whole party, and they all log into the Wi-Fi, you now have access to other guests who also have a great potential to stay with you again,” summarizes Arthur in his talk. 

Ready to give Wi-Fi marketing a shot? Watch Arthur’s webinar here

How to Get Repeat Direct Bookings with Damian Sheridan

Damian Sheridan - quote

Damian is a true expert in the short-term rental world and a prominent direct bookings advocate. He offers you his key to repeated direct bookings — exceptional communication and personalized experiences that keep guests coming back for more. 

“Show your reviews! And not just copying and pasting, I mean actually embedding them from other sites as a widget on your website. Also… try video testimonials!” encourages Damian.

Would you like to learn more of Damian’s tips? Watch our full Masterclass here

How to Increase Direct Booking Revenue with PriceLabs

Richie Khandelwal - quote

Richie Khandelwal, Co-Founder of PriceLabs, says that dynamic pricing strategies, driven by data and automation, are the heartbeat of revenue optimization in the vacation rental industry. As a true pricing guru, Richie goes deep into why dynamic pricing is essential for direct bookings: 

“We’re looking at all of this demand and supply data coming up with our forecast… Then, on the other side of it, we are monitoring the events.”

Watch the full episode to learn more about dynamic pricing.

How to Grow to 250 Properties with Avery Carl

Avery Carl - quote

Avery Carl, CEO of The Short Term Shop, unveils the fascinating story behind her meteoric rise from a single vacation rental to a huge property portfolio and shares her investment tactics along the way.

“Zoom in on the neighborhood of the house that you’re looking to invest in. Look at comparable properties on Airbnb, that have the same number of bedrooms as yours… try to figure out where you will fall on that spectrum,” is one of Avery’s many expert tips.

Curious to learn more from Avery? Watch our full Masterclass here

The Importance of Short-Term Rental Host Advocacy

Theron Lewis and David Krauss - quote

Guests change, trends change, tools change… and strict regulations change too. But one thing remains constant — advocacy can help you protect your business. That is why Theron Lewis of STRHero and David Krauss of Rent Responsibly take you from the basics to leading a short-term rental alliance yourself.

“Everybody should start with advocacy first. Understand regulations, join a short-term rental advocacy group, be supportive… Because these regulations don’t just affect the cities they’re in — they affect everybody, as that’s what other cities look at when creating their new regulations.”

Whether you’re a seasoned host or just started your journey, watch the full advocacy webinar!

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