Mashvisor Review: How It Can Help You Make the Smartest Short-Term Rental Investment Decisions

mashvisor review

By The Hospitable Team

Successful short-term rental investments are not based on intuition, guesswork, or luck. If you want your properties paying themselves off and bringing in revenue year after year, turn to short-term rental investment analytics. 

A great tool that compiles short-term rental property data is Mashvisor. The platform gives you access to valuable data about the best places to invest, the revenue potential of individual properties, and the projected expenses of each investment. Discover how you can use Mashvisor to make data-driven investment decisions and watch your short-term rental properties excel. 

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What is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is an AI analytics platform designed for real estate agents, investors, property managers, and property owners who want to find potential investment properties. 

Mashvisor’s tools allow users to search for lucrative investment properties and high-demand areas, as well as forecast profitability and performance of rental properties they’re interested in. This empowers users to make data-driven decisions about their real estate investments. 

Why should short-term rental hosts use Mashvisor?

If you’re just getting started in the short-term rental business, Mashvisor gives you valuable insights that would be difficult to develop even after years in the industry. The platform provides valuable insights about where to purchase investment properties, analyzing metrics like rental income, cash on cash return, and occupancy rate for Airbnb properties. 

And if you already have a few short-term rental properties and are looking to expand your portfolio, you can use Mashvisor to explore promising neighborhoods in your area or analyze market potential elsewhere. 

Mashvisor is an AI-powered method for analyzing potential short-term rental investments. It offers much more security than basing your decision on intuition, and it takes less time and effort than manual research while providing more accurate, up-to-date insights. 

Mashvisor review

Mashvisor is a reliable, easy-to-use platform that can help you achieve short-term rental success with ease. It can help both experienced short-term rental owners and managers, as well as people just getting started in the short-term rental industry, find lucrative properties in high-demand areas. Its powerful predictive analytics forecast future trends based on historical data, so you can get a reliable look at the future short-term rental market of your desired location. Take a look at what some users have to say about the tool:

Mashvisor is very informative and includes very helpful metrics for the evaluation of investment properties. The dashboard is easy to use and provided both market overviews as well as granular details for specific properties.

This tool has saved me so much manual time for my short term rental arbitrage business. I own 2 different businesses and I’m a mom so using this platform to see analytics has truly been a life saver. Customer service is on point and so helpful. Excited to scale my business with this tool.

As a new real estate investor, I have only great things to say about Mashvisor. The site is easy to understand and navigate. The best feature is the reports predicting the income and performance of long- and short-term rentals.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Mashvisor is easy to use while providing valuable insights that you simply can’t find on your own. Now let’s take a closer look at Mashvisor’s features and the value they can provide you. 

What are the key features of Mashvisor?

Mashvisor gives you a key to investment success. The following features can help you make educated decisions about where to invest (and where not to) for your short-term rental business. 


Mashvisor’s Heatmap feature is one of the key functions that sets it apart from other real estate analytics tools. The Real Estate Heatmap allows you to set filters and easily view where your best investment options are in any given neighborhood based on your criteria. 

These filters include metrics like listing value, cash on cash return, cap rate, price to rent ratio, number of listings for sale, median property price, and price per square foot. That way, you get a clear, detailed visual of where exactly you can find the best investments, as the map is divided into different neighborhoods. 

Use the Mashvisor Heatmap tool to home in on the neighborhood with the best average revenue potential.

Property Finder

The Mashvisor Property Finder lets short-term rental investors explore potential properties in multiple housing markets simultaneously. So if you’re torn between two (or more) locations, either in the same state or on opposite sides of the country, you can compare factors like listing price, rental income, occupancy rate, cap rate, and cash on cash return, side-by-side.

Set custom filters within the Property Finder to sort rental properties based on their performance in various areas so you can find properties that match your investment criteria and goals. Mashvisor’s machine-learning algorithms even take into account your search history, along with other considerations, to help find the ideal property fit for you. 

Compare properties in various cities so you know you’re making the best choice with the Property Finder feature.

Property Analytics

Once you’ve found an area you want to invest and a property that looks like a good fit, it’s time to analyze its revenue potential. Mashvisor’s rental property calculator tool helps you estimate ROI for each property you’re considering so you know what your potential earnings could look like before investing. 

As mentioned above, the tool analyzes metrics like rental comps, rental occupancy rate, estimated expenses, cap rate, cash flow, cash on cash return, and projected rental income. Just because a particular neighborhood looks potentially lucrative doesn’t mean each of its individual real estate investments will be, and Mashvisor’s analytics give you a deeper look at how any given property is likely to perform. 

Rental Strategy, Comps, and Insight

Take your analytics one step further with the Rental Strategy and Rental Comps & Insight features of Mashvisor. 

The Rental Strategy tab shows you what type of Airbnb strategy is best for that given property, and it allows you to break down the total investment cost into recurring expenses and one-time startup costs.  Here, you can even estimate your short-term rental financing options so you have an idea of what your initial investment will look like. 

Then, head to the Rental Comps & Insight tab to measure its viability as an investment property. Here you can see estimates of figures relate to rental comps to help you make a smart investment and maximize ROI.

In the Rental Strategy tab, calculate key figures like monthly expenses, cash on cash return, and cap rate so you know you’re making a smart investment.

How much does Mashvisor cost?

Mashvisor offers a free seven-day trial for each of its plans. You have three plans to choose between, depending on the complexity of the research you plan on doing and how much you are willing to invest in the tool: 




With the Lite plan, you can:


-Estimate long term and short term (Airbnb) rental rate


-Project rental ROI


-View investment opportunity scores powered by machine learning




Offers all the features of the Lite plan, plus you can:


-Discover the most profitable properties and markets


-Compare similar short term and long term rental rates


-Export 20 searches to Excel per month


-Compare properties side-by-side




Offers all the features of the Standard plan, plus you can:


-Find multifamily and foreclosure properties


-Export 60 searches to Excel per month


-Download property PDFs


-Upload and analyze property listings

The next steps: What to do after finding a property to invest in

Once you’ve chosen the best place to invest and have purchased your property, it’s time to streamline your operations and maximize your short-term rental revenue. allows you to do just that, with features like channel management, guest messaging, automated replies, task management, review management, and smart lock integrations. 

With Hospitable’s various features, you can even take your short-term rental business remote. That means taking advantage of the best investment opportunities out there, no matter where in the world they’re located. Hands-off vacation rental management means more time for you to spend on growing your business and broadening your property portfolio.

All your STR business in one convenient window

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Advanced short-term rental analytics with Mashvisor

Short-term rental investments don’t have to, and in fact shouldn’t, be based on guesswork. Mashvisor’s machine learning algorithms do the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is search your desired investment locations and narrow down your investment options. 

And once you’ve sealed the deal on your dream property, simplify your property management and operations with a tool like When you let technology do the work for you, you get great results, maximize revenue, and save hours each week.

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