Kid-Friendly Airbnb: How to Prepare Your Space to Host Families

Kid-friendly Airbnb

By The Hospitable Team

Traveling with kids is very exciting and rewarding, but it comes with some extra needs and wants, so many people choose to stay at Airbnb instead of hotels during their family vacations. This means that by offering a kid-friendly Airbnb rental you can attract more travelers and increase your chances of maintaining a stable real estate passive income.

Wondering how to create a welcoming and comfortable family-friendly environment? Here, you’ll find some tips on preparing your Airbnb for kids and providing a home away from home atmosphere.

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Why Have Kid-Friendly Airbnb

Families are one of the fastest-growing segments in the travel industry. That’s why no matter the size or location of your vacation rental property, providing kid-friendly amenities can increase its booking potential.

Just highlight the key family-friendly features your Airbnb offers in your listing description and include high-quality photos that showcase these features to inspire travelers to book.

Families tend to book longer stays and are generally responsible, making them ideal guests. For many people, family trips are a tradition that helps create memories that last a lifetime. So, adding a few details to your listing today and doing your best to make your guests happy with their stays can help you secure annual bookings for years to come.

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How to Make Your Airbnb Kid-Friendly

If you want to attract more Airbnb guests traveling with children, here are some things you can do to make your rental space more family-friendly.

Create a safe space for children

Safety is a top priority for every parent. Ensure your Airbnb is free of potential hazards, such as loose cords, wires, or electrical outlets within reach. Ensure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functional and provide a first-aid kit. You also need to childproof your Airbnb to limit risks:

  • Put safety covers on electrical outlets
  • Offer easy-to-attach safety gates for staircases
  • Install child safety locks on cabinets to keep curious children out of harm’s way
  • Install window guards or locks to prevent falls
  • Attach corner guards and edge protectors to furniture
  • Wall-mount TVs
  • Anchor bookshelves to the wall
  • Buy shatterproof, kid-friendly dinnerware
  • Avoid glass home décor as much as possible

Include kid-friendly amenities

Families with newborns and toddlers will appreciate it if you provide essential baby equipment such as a portable crib, a high chair, baby gates, a stroller, a playpen, and a baby bathtub. You should also stock your home with plenty of items that will help keep kids entertained, such as board games, toys, puzzles, playing cards, family-friendly books and magazines, and a large TV with streaming services. Make sure your WiFi is strong enough to support multiple devices.

Stock your kitchen

Guests who travel with children often prefer to cook their meals, so they are more likely to book your property if you offer a fully stocked kitchen. That means you must provide kitchen essentials so your guests can cook and serve most meals. This way, you can ensure an at-home experience for your guests while on vacation.

Promote local attractions

Parents invest in family vacations because new experiences can bring families together, so families with kids often look for fun and educational activities during their stay. You can help them create wonderful new memories by offering ways to get out and explore the local area.

Create a welcome guide specifically focused on kid-friendly attractions and activities in the area. Provide information about museums, zoos, theme parks, playgrounds, movie theaters, as well as nearby restaurants and shops. You can also include recommendations for family-friendly activities, for example, hiking trails and bike paths.

Provide a clean and comfortable space

Create a cozy space for your guests to relax and opt for sturdy, safe furniture. Choose durable, easy-to-clean fabrics for pieces like sofas and armchairs, and cover hardwood floors with washable rugs.

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Keep your Airbnb clean and well-maintained. Provide fresh towels and high-quality bedding, and consider using eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for children and pets.

Large messes are bound to happen if you host large groups of travelers and families with kids. So, it makes sense to hire professional vacation rental cleaners to deep clean your property during each turnover and ensure a comfortable and hygienic stay for all guests. And if you use vacation rental software like Hospitable, you can assign tasks to your cleaners automatically based on booking information.

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Kid-Friendly Airbnb Rentals That Are Perfect for Families with Children

Now, let’s look at some Airbnb listings targeted at parents traveling with kids. These family-friendly Airbnb rentals offer great locations, unique stays, kid-friendly amenities, and convenience.

Kid friendly Airbnb 1

Source: Chalet BiKei, Japan

This chalet in Japan combines a convenient location, gorgeous interiors, and a cozy living area and bedrooms. The interior space is thoroughly baby-proof and has various kid and baby supplies, including a high chair, crib, toys, and dinnerware. But the most exciting feature of this rental is the two-story climbing wall that can keep kids entertained during the entire stay.

Kid friendly 2

Source: Disney-Themed Home

This Disney-themed home in Kissimmee comes with five large, beautifully themed bedrooms, a game room, smart TVs in every room, a private pool, and a hot tub, so it’s a perfect place for a family getaway. There is also an outdoor area equipped with play structures for children.

Kid friendly 3

Source: Revitalized 1902 train depot

Located in New York, this Airbnb rental with impeccable interior design and bright colors is a contemporary reinvention of a historic 1902 train depot. It boasts a fully fenced backyard, a grand piano, a multi-colored reading nook with children’s toys and books, capsule-style beds for the little ones, a dance studio, and a separate caboose.

Kids friendly 4

Source: Coastal Escape

Located on a low-traffic street in a tree-filled residential neighborhood, this beautiful, family-friendly home is only a 7-minute walk from the beach. It has a large kids’ room that boasts two bunk beds with full beds on the bottom and twin beds on top. There are also many sitting areas well stocked with board games for family game nights.

Kid friendly 5

Source: Dino Disneyland, California

Located in a scenic area, this unique Jurassic-themed Airbnb allows guests to step back in time and immerse themselves in the world of dinosaurs. It has a backyard adorned with life-sized dinosaur statues, and the living areas are tastefully decorated with dinosaur-inspired artwork. There’s also a colorful kids’ bedroom with a bunk bed and trundle.

Kid friendly 6

Source: Seacliff’s Family Haven, Australia

This charming family home in Australia is located within a national park close to beautiful beaches and the town center. It features four bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a heated swimming pool, a large trampoline, and an impeccably maintained two-story playhouse. There are also plenty of toys for children.

Kid friendly Airbnb 7

Source: Renovated 1913 row house, Washington

Located close to Washington’s many kid-friendly attractions, this stunning 110+ year-old house catches the eye of guests with its Scandinavian design and African art, and it’s also a kids’ haven. Kids will be delighted to stay in an artful children’s room stocked with books and cozy beds. There’s also a huge attic playroom with a ball pit, play kitchen, massive Lego collection, many toys, TV, stereo, and Wii game system.

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