Keeping your SmartThings connected with Hospitable

SmartThings connection

By The Hospitable Team

Have you heard that there are some changes coming to the software that powers SmartThings? The big news is that this will impact some providers’ existing integrations. 

If you’re using the Rental Lock Automator (RLA) app from RBOY APPS in particular, we encourage you to read on as this will impact you.

You’ll need to take action before December 31st, 2022 or the Rental Lock Automator (RLA) will fail to generate lock codes for your new reservations. We have a solution for you, so don’t worry.

Let’s back up a bit and give you the full story. 

SmartThings Groovy platform and RBOY APPS

We’ll try not to bore you with too much detail but here’s the scoop. 

RBOY APPS are a set of apps and device handlers that allow you to automate your property. 

Rental Lock Automator (RLA) is one of those RBOY APPS. It allows you to integrate with channel managers (like and SmartThings to automate creating individual door codes for guests.

RLA relies on SmartThings’ Groovy platform to work, and the Groovy platform is being shut down (this is because SmartThings are working to modernize their platforms). So, if you’re using RLA, that setup won’t work going forwards.

Although providers such as RBOY APPS are working to try and support the changes (no clear timeline on that fix just yet), we also wanted to put in steps to make sure you can continue to keep things automated.

That’s why…[drum roll]…we’re pleased to announce that Hospitable will be supporting SmartThings directly going forwards 🎉🎉 and SmartThings direct integration

We’re launching our direct integration with SmartThings for Beta users on Nov 7, 2022. Full rollout to all users coming shortly!

Using this integration, hosts are now able to import supported locks to directly and match them to their properties. Hospitable can then automatically start sending access codes to guests directly. All done through the power of magic…aaaand more truthfully, some stellar work from our engineering team.

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Our SmartThings integration will allow direct support for lock brands such as Yale, Schlage, Kwikset, Lockly, Alfred, and Utec (full list of supported devices here). And with it being available within the Hospitable platform, it just makes it that little bit easier to seamlessly manage your properties, whilst you focus on wowing your guests.

Yes, you can wait for the migration information from RBOY APPS if you want to keep using them but just a heads up that you will have to take some action either way by December 31st, 2022.

How to integrate SmartThings and Hospitable >>

Ongoing support for RBOY APPS and SmartThings

We’re certainly not going to be abandoning anyone that chooses to continue to rely on RBOY APPS. We will continue to support our hosts and the RBOY APPS integration.

If you have any questions about using the integration (RBOY APPS or the new SmartThings direct integration), feel free to reach out to us via the Help options provided in the app.

And if you’re not already a user, go ahead and check us out in a little more detail. It’s an easy-to-use tool that makes running your short-term rental business a breeze.

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