Unlocking Seamless Hospitality: Integrating Hospitable with igloohome Smart Locks

igloohome integration

By The igloohome Team

Hospitality is not just a trait; it’s an art crafted with care. In the realm of smart home technology, igloohome stands as a beacon of innovation. This article explores the seamless integration of Hospitable with igloohome smart locks, ushering in a new era of convenience and security.

Who is igloohome?

igloohome, a pioneer in smart lock technology, redefines access control. Their range includes retrofit locks, keyboxes, and smart padlocks. With a commitment to simplicity and reliability, igloohome sets the standard for secure and convenient access.

Benefits of Integration

Diverse Smart Lock Options

Choose from a wide array of igloohome smart locks, including retrofit solutions, keyboxes, deadbolts, and the innovative padlock. Hospitable seamlessly integrates with each, offering flexibility tailored to your specific needs.

Keyboxes for Non-Intrusive Access


For those hesitant to replace all traditional locks with smart ones, igloohome’s keyboxes provide an ideal solution. These keyboxes seamlessly integrate with Hospitable, offering a smart and secure alternative without needing a complete lock overhaul. Whether granting access to service providers, guests, or family members, the keybox ensures non-intrusive and straightforward entry.

Deadbolts for an Integrated Solution


Our Smart Deadbolt installs directly onto your door, ensuring a sleek and minimal appearance as well as higher security. It is compatible with almost all residential doors with a flexible backset and a range of door thickness compatibility.

Padlocks for Rugged Security


When it comes to outdoor security, igloohome’s smart padlocks take center stage. Built with durability in mind, it’s designed to withstand the elements, making it the perfect choice for securing perimeter gates, side entrances, garden sheds, and cabins. The rugged construction ensures reliable protection against the challenges of the outdoors, maintaining security without compromising on convenience.

The Retrofit for Euro Cylinders


Suppose you’re unable to modify the hardware already installed on your door but seek a seamless integration. In that case, our Retrofit solution enables direct control of your existing door lock through the thumbturn on the inside. Designed to work seamlessly with Euro profile cylinders, this user-friendly integration offers all the features found in our other advanced locks.

Balancing Tradition with Innovation

The flexibility to choose retrofit locks, keyboxes, deadbolts, or rugged padlock allows users to strike a balance between traditional and smart security. This versatility is especially beneficial for those who prefer a phased approach to adopting smart home technology or wish to tailor their security solutions to different areas of their property.

Safeguarding Every Corner

Whether it’s the main entrance, side gate, garden shed, or cabin, igloohome’s diverse smart lock options, integrated seamlessly with Hospitable, ensure that every corner of your property is secured with modern technology. This comprehensive approach to security empowers users to address the unique needs of different spaces within their home environment.

Custom Pincode Generation

Hospitable enables instant and reliable Pincode generation for all igloohome locks via WiFi. This ensures hassle-free access, with the ability to generate, schedule, and edit PIN code access.

Real-time Notifications with WiFi Bridge

Enhance security by connecting igloohome locks to a WiFi bridge. This integration allows for real-time notifications of lock-related events. Stay informed about who enters your property and when providing peace of mind wherever you are.

Full Lock Management via igloohome App

Experience the full potential of igloohome smart locks through their dedicated app. Hospitable extends this convenience by allowing you to manage lock settings and codes directly through the igloohome app. Effortlessly grant access, track usage, and customize settings on the go.


The fusion of Hospitable and igloohome brings forth a harmonious blend of hospitality and cutting-edge technology. As the hospitality landscape evolves, this integration is a testament to the commitment to seamless, secure, and convenient access. Elevate your hosting experience with the power of Hospitable and igloohome smart locks.

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