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Recommend us to other hosts.

They say, if you love something, set it free. We say if you love something, share it with a friend! Do you know other property owners or hosts? Do they currently do all the work by themselves or perhaps they use another software that’s not Do them a favor and tell them why you love us! Share how handles 90% of your communication with guests and why you think our around-the-clock customer support is a life-saver! Do you love how simple and easy it is to use Tell that to your friend! Help us spread the word so we can help more hosts like you have a stress-free hosting experience. Learn more about our referral program here!

Test run our new product features before launch.

Become part of our test group and help us find ways to improve our product. Your feedback is invaluable when it comes to shaping new product features. Want to join our beta VIP group? You can do so here.

Give us feedback on existing features.

At, we believe that feedback is a key component of active listening. We welcome your constructive feedback on our new product launches and always try to improve based on it. We also want to know what you’d like to see from us next! Please send us your feedback via:

Join our online community.

If you have not yet joined our online community page on Facebook, we invite you to do so. Join Hospitable Hosts by Hospitable and start a discussion! Engage with our content, create your own and interact with other hosts. This is a safe and private space to interact and exchange, share knowledge and feedback as well as provide support & guidance.

Invest in

If you love our product and the team, take the next step and help grow! Do you know the majority of our current investors are customers? We are beyond grateful for the trust and support. If you’re interested in investing, you can do so here . If you want to know more about our investment opportunities, email the office of our CEO at [email protected] with your questions.

Introduce us to potential investors.

Introduce us to your investor friends, family, and contacts! Every bit of help is appreciated. Email the office of our CEO at [email protected]

Help us recruit! is growing fast and we need more people on board. Help us find the right talent to add to our team. If you know the right person for the open positions, feel free to refer them to us. All current vacancies are listed here.

Attend our Town Halls.

Every other Wednesday at 9am PT, we organize a Town Hall meeting on Zoom to share relevant product and company updates. This space allows for a more personalized exchange with the Hospitable community via an extensive Q&A session. If you haven’t attended a Town Hall so far, you can download our events iCal to see when the next event is.

Get involved in our events & initiatives.

Attend our online/in-person events, or plan and host a local event or workshop, contribute to our upcoming calendar of events/campaigns. Nominate an initiative to be part of our calendar of initiatives. 

Give us a review.

As a host, you know first-hand the importance of a great review. If you trust and love us, take a few minutes to tell that to the world! Share what you love about and how it helps you run your business in a review on Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Trustpilot

Write a blog post.

Are you a hospitality expert, an industry insider, or a self-made (serial) entrepreneur? Share your knowledge, insights and experience with our community! Pitch us an article or blog post written by you or a fellow expert and we’ll include it in our newsletters, blog, and other relevant communication channels. 

We want to hear from you! Send us your ideas.

The community is one big family and we run on an open door philosophy. We want to hear from you too. Send us your ideas/suggestions of how you’d like to get involved and contribute to the community. Send an email to our marketing team at [email protected].

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