Hospitable Tip: The Host-Only Service Fee Does Not Apply to Airbnb Hosts Using Hospitable Only


By The Hospitable Team

On Dec 7th, 2020, Airbnb announced that some professional hosts, hotels, and hosts who use third-party software to manage bookings outside the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, or Uruguay are required to move to a new pricing structure.

Now, those hosts have to include all service fees in the rate that they present to guests. Airbnb’s fee ranges between 14%-16% which will be deducted from all payouts.  Airbnb will no longer charge a guest service fee. Guests will pay only for accommodation.

Why did Airbnb change their commission?

This new fee structure is in line with other short-term rental companies such as Booking.com that charge host-only fees in Europe. Airbnb said they made this change to give hosts greater control and flexibility in pricing. The host-only fee also improves transparency for guests.

But how does this huge change affect Airbnb hosts who use Hospitable?

At the time of writing, this change doesn’t directly affect hosts who use Hospitable only to automate their operations and manage communication with guests. It will impacts hosts who are using a PMS with “API-synced listings” and other professional hosts who have been selected.

If you are using another software in addition to Hospitable for your Airbnb listings, the host-only fee may apply to you.  Airbnb has been contacting hosts internally to notify them of the change.

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But if your account is connected only to Hospitable, you may still be able to continue with the existing split fee between hosts and guests.

Want to learn more about the host-only fee and whether it applies to your listing? Check out this article in our Help Center.


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