Hospitable.com (ex. Smartbnb) vs. Smoobu

There are lots of options out there when it comes to vacation rental management solutions. Hospitable.com (ex. Smartbnb) and Smoobu are popular platforms among hosts and property managers who want to be more efficient when managing their listings on Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com. Here we compare Hospitable.com vs. Smoobu to help you see how they differ in features, functionality, integrations, pricing, and more.

Both platforms can help you ensure that all your bookings are automatically synced across multiple channels, so you don’t have to worry about double bookings and manually updating prices. However, only Hospitable partners with Google Vacation Rentals enabling you to list your direct booking website on Google Travel. They come with reporting features and iCal support, allow giving limited or full access to team members, and have integrations with smart pricing tools and smart locks.

Hospitable.com automates virtually all aspects of interacting with guests online. It allows hosts to adjust messages based on special conditions and offer guests an extended stay based on availability. Its system uses AI to detect guests’ questions on 20+ topics and responds automatically. Smoobu also allows you to send automatic messages to your guests, but this software lacks these advanced messaging features.

Hospitable.com users mention they find the setup speed and the ease of use outstanding. New users can expect to get started within an hour and get quick support at any time.

Compare Hospitable.com vs. Smoobu using the tables below.

Hospitable.com Smoobu
Best for Excellent communication automation, double-booking protection. Advanced analytics, channel management, and accounting functions.
Platforms Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo
iCal support Yes Yes
Manual reservations Yes Yes

Messages Automation

Hospitable.com Smoobu
Triggers Check-in, check-out, confirmation, question, inquiry, cancellation, day of the week. Check-in, check-out, confirmation, cancellation.
Preview before sending Automated or preview Automated or preview
Adjust message based on special conditions Yes No
Proactive communication Automated upsell No
Reactive communication Detects questions on 20+ topics and responds automatically No
Shortcodes for personalization Yes Yes
Delivery channel OTA messages, email OTA messages, email

Reviews management

Hospitable.com Smoobu
Publish personalized 5-star review Yes Yes
Publish bad review at the last moment Yes No
Follow-up with a guest to get a review Yes No


Hospitable.com Smoobu
Calendars Yes Yes
Pricing Yes Yes

Direct booking

Hospitable.com Smoobu
Website builder Yes Yes
Payment processing Yes Yes
Google Vacation Rentals Partner Yes No


Hospitable.com Smoobu
Accounting Yes Yes
Cleaning Yes Yes
Dynamic pricing Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Guest verification Yes Yes
Home automation Yes Yes
Marketing Yes Yes
Monitoring Yes Yes
Smart locks Yes Yes


Hospitable.com Smoobu
Reporting Occupancy, taxes, team performance, reviews Occupancy

Team reminders

Hospitable.com Smoobu
Channels Email, SMS No
Custom messages for every team member Yes No
Task management Yes No


Hospitable.com Smoobu
Pricing $59 per two listings $41 per two listings


Hospitable.com Smoobu
G2 rating 4.9/5 3.6/5
Capterra rating 4.8/5 4.5/5

Users love Hospitable.com

G2 Leader
G2 Most Implementable
G2 best Relationship
G2 Best Results
G2 Best Usability
Fastest Growing
Software Advice Most Recommended
GetApp Category Leaders 2022

Unlike Smoobu, Hospitable.com has the task management functionality and allows sending team reminders with the option of creating custom messages for every team member. It also has more advanced review management features, including following up with a guest to get a review and publishing bad reviews at the last moment.

Hospitable offers more valuable features (Google Vacation Rentals integration, full-fledged analytics, and team management) and costs more: $59 per two listings vs $41 by Smoobu.

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