Hospitable.com (ex. Smartbnb) vs. Breezeway

What’s the difference between Hospitable.com (formerly Smartbnb) and Breezeway? Both platforms offer a solution for short-term rental property management, but which one should you choose as a channel manager for your listings: Breezeway or Hospitable.com? Here we compare Hospitable.com vs. Breezeway in 2021 by features, integrations, and more.

Hospitable.com allows hosts to directly connect all their listings on Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo, synchronize calendars and pricing, and manage them from a single dashboard. As to Breezeway, this platform integrates with your PMS and sources data from it.

Hospitable.com is best for guest communication, double-booking protection, team management, and Breezeway is a good choice for cleaners and maintenance workers management and inventory control.

Both platforms offer functionality for messages automation. With Breezeway, property managers can communicate with guests via SMS messaging tools that integrate with their PMS system.

Hospitable.com allows hosts to automate sending personalized messages via the platform and adjust messages based on certain conditions. Besides, Hospitable.com uses Artificial Intelligence to detect common questions on 20+ topics and respond automatically with personalized answers.

Hospitable.com users mention they find the setup speed and the ease of use outstanding. New users can expect to get started within an hour and get quick support at any time. 

Compare Hospitable.com vs. Breezeway using the tables below.

Hospitable.com Breezeway
Connection Direct official to Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo. Through a PMS or iCal.
Best for Guest communication, double-booking protection, team management. Cleaners and maintenance workers management, inventory control.
Syncronization Syncs calendars and pricing on Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo. Sources data from a PMS.

Messages Automation

Hospitable.com Breezeway
Single inbox Yes Yes
Carriers Platform messages, email. SMS
Triggers Check-in, check-out, confirmation, question. Check-in, check-out, confirmation.
Preview before sending Automated or preview Automated or preview
Adjust message based on special conditions Yes No
Proactive communication Offer an extended stay based on availability. Offer an extended stay based on availability.
Reactive communication Detects questions on 20+ topics and responds automatically. No

Reviews management

Hospitable.com Breezeway
Publish personalized 5-star review Yes No
Follow-up with a guest to get a review Yes No
Publish bad review at the last moment Yes No


Hospitable.com Breezeway
Smart pricing Yes No
Smart locks Yes No
Email Yes No


Hospitable.com Breezeway
Reporting Basic Advanced

Team reminders

Hospitable.com Breezeway
Channels Email, SMS In app
Custom messages for every team member Yes Yes
Task management No Yes

Users love Hospitable.com

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G2 Best Usability
Fastest Growing
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Both tools have reporting features, but only Hospitable.com offers integrations with third-party apps like pricing tools, smart locks, and Mailchimp.

Another advantage of Hospitable.com is review management features that are not available with Breezeway. Hospitable helps hosts automate reviews to their guests and reminds them to leave their reviews. It even helps with bad reviews by posting them at the last moment.

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