What Happened with Hospitable.com in 2021?—A Message From Our CEO

hospitable.com in 2021

As the end of the year approaches, we all draw the line and look back on what we’ve accomplished and where we failed (I’m definitely hitting the gym in 2022!). At Hospitable.com, we’ve had quite an eventful year filled with many product updates and company changes. We’ve grown not only in size but also in terms of values and a sense of community.

It’s time to wrap up the year and reflect on what we’ve done in the past 12 months. That’s why we’ll highlight 12 important milestones and product updates for each month of 2021. We’ve managed to accomplish so much in just a year, thanks to our hardworking team and you, our hosts, who constantly support us and give us feedback.

Read on to find out what kept us busy this year! 

1. Airbnb Official Integration—We’ve released our greatest Airbnb integration after working in a close partnership with the Airbnb team. You can enjoy real time messaging and more security and reliability as we adapt our product in partnership with Airbnb.

2. Booking.com Integration—Early on in the year, we added a long-time coming integration with Booking.com. This integration allowed our hosts to use Hospitable.com’s automated messaging and channel management features for Booking.com listings to provide a memorable guest experience. Do you even remember what life looked like without this integration? We certainly don’t.

3. Direct Bookings—Just a few months ago, we dropped the bomb and released direct bookings. You can now build your own brand with all your listings on a single website. You can put your own logo, website name, and images to create an online space that’s truly yours. Try it out here if you haven’t yet!


4. Investors, Assemble!—In the fall, we introduced the first-ever opportunity to invest in Hospitable.com. We want to make Hospitable.com community-owned and that’s why we gave you, our customers, the first chance to invest. So far, we’ve raised close to $170k all thanks to our current customers who trust us! If you want to help us grow, you can invest at https://invest.hospitable.com/

5. Smartbnb became Hospitable.com!—We changed our name to an even better one. Our new name better aligns with our values and represents what we stand for. We are Hospitable not only in name but also as a company, as a product, as a team, and as individuals. Read more on our change of name here.


6. New Website—Next on our to-do list came our new website, which is more user-friendly and highlights better all the Hospitable.com features you need to make your job as a host easier. Make sure to check out our blog where we regularly post useful content and product updates.

7. We were awarded Leader and Best Relationship badges!—Thanks to your glowing reviews on Capterra and G2, we’ve got those shiny badges for all seasons this year. It means a great deal to us when we see how much you appreciate our efforts to grow and improve!

Hospitable.com badges

8. Calendar Upgrades—In the past year, you’ve been enjoying a faster, better, stronger calendar! We added a bunch of new features to it so you can have an even better user experience. Try out adding notes and tasks in the calendar if you already haven’t.

9. Pricing Sync—Managing pricing across different platforms is quite a challenge. If you forget to update your price across all channels and a guest books…well, you need to bear the loss. BUT we took care of that as well with our pricing sync feature we released over the summer. Once you change your price on one platform, Hospitable.com automatically updates it on all the rest. What a time to be alive!

10. Availability Sync—Many platforms, one master uniform calendar? We got you! We introduced our availability sync feature that ensures a manually blocked date on one platform is safely blocked across all platforms, keeping your calendars nicely uniform.

11. Manual Bookings—Remember how annoying it was not being able to add a reservation manually through Hospitable.com? Well, we also solved that this year. You can manually add a direct booking from any channel and take advantage of Hospitable.com’s magic to automatically message your guests, send notifications to your team, and get calendar updates.

12. Schlage Encode Smart Lock Integration—You can now safely and easily connect your Schlage Encode smart lock devices to Hospitable.com and manage them all from there. More integrations with smart lock devices coming in the new year so stay put! Connect your Schlage Encode smart lock devices here.

What a year it has been! You deserve a huge thank you for constantly supporting us and helping us improve in this past year. We are able to grow thanks to you, our hosts. Cheers to you and may 2022 be even more successful and eventful for us all!

Happy holidays!

Pierre-Camille and the Hospitable.com team


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