Guest Experience Messaging

Take care of your guests,
even while you sleep.

Automate conversations in your own voice.
Question auto-detection.
Centralized Inbox.
Press “send” yourself.
Manage the reviews.

Kylie R.
Kylie R.
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Fabulous platform to use with our Airbnb. Highly recommend. Its 'smart' AI capabilities are far beyond any others I have ever experienced!
Sergio C
Sergio C
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The smart automatic messaging saves so much time for us (literally hours every week) while also answering your guest’s questions and giving them information right away! I have guests rave about how much we communicate which with Smartbnb it’s a breeze too! Plus the automatic reviews also saves you so much time but still gives you the option to edit any reviews before it’s sent out!
Jonathan H
Jonathan H
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They are under priced and over deliver. Perfect communications channel w guests (I am super picky) - Dirt cheap for what you get - Seamless automated messages WITH THE ABILITY TO REVIEW THEM BEFORE THEY GO OUT - Bad Review strategies and are automated, rational, and effective
Bassam B
Bassam B
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A big time saver that provides a professional and consistent level of service to all my customers. Imagine not needing to reply to customers messaging you from all across the globe and at very different time zones. That as well as the efficiency of sending the most suitable message to a guest based on when they are coming, what number of persons they are coming with, whether they have children, etc.

Automate conversations in your own voice

Take the lead
in being hospitable.

You will find it remarkably simple to automate and scale your own voice as a host. We cut the frills, so most of our customers do not spend any time getting started. Our best templates were tested with millions of guests and are pre-loaded from the start. You will have 50+ short codes and various conditions and triggers to personalize your messages to your style in 29 languages.


ChatGPT integration

Draft responses
at the click of a button.

Click the magic wand button, and ChatGPT will use the listing, reservation, and conversation history to draft your guest response.

Provide tailored recommendations based on the guests’ needs. From suggesting local attractions to addressing booking concerns, ChatGPT has you covered.


Question auto-detection

The most pressing questions
get the fastest answers.

You can be more hospitable to your guests by answering their questions faster. Sometimes machines can do a better job than we can. Our Artificial Intelligence recognizes questions on more than 20 common topics and instantly crafts a personalized response. Your guests will love the 5-star experience when they ask and get your WiFi codes in 60 seconds.

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Centralized Inbox

Multiple channels,
simple inbox.

Your guests use Airbnb, and Vrbo to talk to you. Our Inbox centralizes all messages and enriches them with guest insights like their reviews, ratings, location, and ID verification status. We make sure you never miss any messages and keep it easy for you to communicate across platforms.

inbox experience

Press “send” yourself

Good old canned responses,
with a touch of magic.

Stay in full control with smart saved replies. Send personalized messages in 2 clicks. Keep your favorite messages, and let us embed property, guest and reservation details on the fly. We can also hold the automated messages for your review if you’d like.


Manage the reviews

Request guest reviews,
and publish yours automatically.

You won’t need to remind your guests to leave a review, our system will do it for you automatically. You set your review templates and stars, and Hospitable will randomize, customize and send them for you. We can even help you manage those bad reviews you’ve been trying to avoid.

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You are missing out! helps you automate messaging, team, and operations management, and run all your Airbnb,, Vrbo, and Google properties from one convenient dashboard.

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You can start totally free!

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