Hospitable Tip: Get Notified of your Guest’s Flight Delay

track flights

By The Hospitable Team

Organizing Airbnb guests’ check-in on the first day of their stay can be a rather stressful experience for both guests and hosts. Of course, your Airbnb rental property is not a hotel, so your guests don’t expect 24/7 reception. Well, at least most of them.

But sometimes, some unexpected things may happen outside their control, for example, flight delays, traffic jams, or your guests may get lost in a city that they don’t know. These things typically result in travel delays that can hugely affect the agreed check-in time. 

And even if you prefer the self-check-in approach, you’ll want to make sure they can easily find your apartment and successfully check-in.

So what can you do about it?

At Hospitable, we also want to make all of your check-ins a little bit easier, so we automatically monitor the status of your guests’ flights if you provide us with the necessary information.

We only need to know the number of your guest’s flight. We’ll track it and inform you about its status so that you understand what to expect.

Would you like to try this useful Hospitable feature? You can learn more about it in our short guide.

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