Hospitable Tip: Connect Your Hospitable Account to RBOY APPS Rental Lock Automater (RLA)

RBOY integration

By The Hospitable Team

Smart locks offer a simple solution to hosts and guests. They save time and allow you to avoid hassle dealing with lost keys. With smart locks, you can facilitate self-check-in and check-out for your guests by using passcodes that simply expire when your guests check out.

If you find creating unique codes for each guest tedious, you can easily automate this task. Just connect your Hospitable account to RBOY APPS Rental Lock Automater (RLA).

Why should you do it?

This app works with any lock that supports remote code programming and will help you automate creating individual door codes for your guests based on their check-in and check-out dates.

Your guests will get unique codes that they can easily remember because they are based on their phone number, which they have listed in their channel profile. A smart lock can make your rental property more secure and more appealing to your guests, which means your listing will attract more bookings.

With the integration between Hospitable and RBOY APPS Rental Lock Automater, you’ll even be able to update check-in and check-out times from within Hospitable and push them to your smart lock.

Are you ready to use this useful Hospitable integration? Read this step-by-step guide and follow the instructions.

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