Managing Medium-Term Rentals with Hospitable: Customer Case Study

customer case study

By The Hospitable Team

Welcome to’s series of host case studies, where we take a deep dive into the unique experiences of our valued hosts. Through these inspiring success stories, we aim to showcase tips that can help you to succeed with your short-term rental business and better leverage your Hospitable subscription.

Zeona McIntyre,, Follow on Instagram

Based in Colorado, with medium-term rental properties across 5 states

Properties managed?
Up to 60 in the past - now focusing on her personal portfolio

Favorite Hospitable feature?
Automated messages - we love the peace and quiet of limited guest messages that we must manually respond to!

Zeona McIntyre has been in the short-term rental business since 2012, long before automation became commonplace in the industry. Over the years, she has built her business from arbitrage to co-hosting and now focuses on managing her personal portfolio of medium-term rentals (MTRs) across five states in the US.

Streamlining for growth

As her business grew, Zeona realized that streamlining her systems was critical to managing her expanding portfolio of properties. That’s when she discovered Hospitable, formerly known as Smartbnb. Hospitable’s automated messages feature was particularly appealing to her because it allowed her to get ahead of guest questions in an automated way, which cut down on the amount of guest communication she had to manage.

With Hospitable, hosts can pre-program answers to common questions, and our system will detect when they are asked and automatically send your reply. Day or night.

And for unusual questions, use our ChatGPT integration to quickly draft a response based on your listing, the guest, and their booking.

Why Choose Hospitable

 As you may have already guessed, the stand-out reason why Zeona and many others choose Hospitable is the automation of messages in your own tone of voice.

“Automated messages are our favorite Hospitable feature,” says Zeona. “We love our guests but also like the peace and quiet of limited messages. These days, we rarely get a question that is answered automatically. Our messages mostly consist of a ‘Thanks’ for a breakfast recommendation or some other value-adding tip!”

Zeona also uses pricing software (PriceLabs) to automate the management of her medium-term rental properties. This software has been a game-changer, allowing her to easily adjust prices for multiple properties. “I remember the days when I was manually adjusting prices multiple times a week,” she says. “Now we go in one week or less and make much more revenue! Thank you automation!”

Looking to the future, Zeona’s goal is to fine-tune her portfolio to focus on insurance-paid MTR stays. Hospitable will play a crucial role in achieving this goal by making it easy for her to manage many properties at a time.

In conclusion, Hospitable has been an essential tool for Zeona McIntyre in managing her growing portfolio of MTRs. Its automated messages feature has helped her streamline guest communication, while integrated pricing software has enabled her to adjust prices with ease. As she continues to grow her business, Hospitable will play an important role in helping her achieve her future goals.

Zeona’s Tip for MTR Growth

“Focus on design. Design is so important. Whether you have 1 unit or 20, use the downtime to redesign your spaces. Get trendy. Add murals.

If you want to get more bookings, competing these days is important. You can’t just have any old space.” says Zeona.

Property on laptop

Interested in getting some consultancy from Zeona or joining a Medium-Term Rental Masterclass? Check out her website for more details.

Zeona also co-authored a book called “30 Day Stay” and regularly shares her rental journey on Instagram. will facilitate your business growth.

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