Booking Extranet: How to Navigate It?

Booking Extranet

By the team is a popular OTA website that attracts millions of visitors worldwide and can offer a lot to vacation rental property owners and property managers.

But if you are looking to rent out your home or apartment on to earn extra money, you should know how to use this platform and all its advantages. To help you get started, we’ll discuss here in detail how to use the Booking Extranet.

What Is Booking Extranet?

The Extranet is an administrative dashboard for your property. Here, you’ll be able to manage your listings, communicate with guests, track payments, and seek support from

After you have finished registering your rental property, your account has to be approved by Once done, you’ll soon receive an email from their team with your login credentials.

The username and password you have created will allow you access to the platform’s dashboard for property owners called an extranet. It provides access to all functionalities and features that will enable you to manage your listing.

Here’s a quick overview of what hosts can do from this administrative dashboard:

  • Update all the information displayed on your property page, including payment options, room types, and photos.
  • Check upcoming reservations or make adjustments to the availability calendar.
  • Set up message templates and schedule messages to be sent automatically to guests.
  • Access analytics that shows how your property is performing on this site.
  • Create Extranet login accounts with individual access rights for each of your team members.
  • Contact the platform’s support team via the extranet “Inbox” tab if you have any questions.
  • Learn about the most important updates from the platform’s side.

Keep in mind that also has integration with And if you connect your properties to our rental software, you’ll be able to use our automated messaging and channel management features for your listings.

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Booking Extranet Login

So how to log in to the Extranet for the first time? After you sign up, you’ll be able to access the Extranet using the Booking extranet login name and password combination you created during registration. Follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the sign-in page.
  • Enter your login name and password.
  • Choose your preferred language and log in.
  • You’ll reach the Extranet homepage.
  • If you click on the “?” icon in the top-right corner, you’ll be able to take a guided tour.

If you encounter any problems signing in, you can reset your extranet login. And if you’re logging in to the Booking Extranet from a new device, you’ll be asked to verify your details.

  • You can choose one of the following options:
  • Text message—select this option if you prefer to receive a six-digit code by text
  • Phone call—select this option if you want to get a call with a six-digit code
  • Pulse verification code—you’ll need to log in to the Pulse app that allows you to you take care of tasks on the go and retrieve your PIN from the “More” page.

After you enter your six-digit code or PIN, you’ll be able to access the Extranet homepage again. Owner Login: How to Reset Your Password

What if you forget your password? There’s no need to worry because you can easily reset your password and access the Extranet. You need to click the “Having trouble signing in?” link on the login page. From there, you’ll be able to choose the “Forgot your password?» option. Then you should use your login username to select a new password.

Another issue is that you may get locked out of the extranet platform. Keep in mind that if five attempts to log in were unsuccessful, you would be restricted from accessing to ensure security. If this problem occurs, you can click on the “Forgot your password?” link again. Then you will be asked to enter your email address. After the confirmation, the platform will send you an email link to reset your password. Once you do it, you’ll be able to reaccess the Extranet.

What If You Want To Deactivate Your Listing on

Under certain circumstances, you may want to make your listing on unavailable for a specific time. You can do it from your extranet dashboard. Just close that listing on your availability calendar.

So you need to visit that property, go to the “Rates & Availability” tab for that listing, and close the place for specified dates. This way, you will close that house or apartment to rentals for that time. Actually, that means that your listing has been deactivated. And when you are ready to reactivate your listing and accept new bookings, you can return to the “Rates & Availability” tab to update availability.

How to Delete Your Account from

If you would like to remove your listing from, you should follow these steps:

  • Click on the Extranet’s Inbox tab.
  • Choose Messages.
  • Click Compose New Message.
  • Choose account as the topic.
  • Select Terminate Contract as the subtopic. Then, you’ll need to answer all the questions to complete the process.

Final Thought is a fantastic channel for hosts and property managers to expand their market reach and increase bookings. When you create an account on this platform, you’ll get access to Booking Extranet—an administrative dashboard for managing your property. We’ve provided you with easy tips on navigating the Extranet, but if you have more questions, we recommend you contact the platform’s support.

You may also want to check out our Host Guide for Beginners to find answers to the most common questions about listing vacation rentals on the platform.

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