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Vrbo welcome guide

Vrbo Welcome Guide: Tips to Wow Your Guests

A Vrbo welcome guide is essential to creating a great guest experience and presenting you as a caring and thoughtful host. A welcome guide is a perfect place to answer common questions to help guests navigate your home or apartment and treat it the right way. In this post, you’ll find some tips on adding your guide to your listing and what details to include to impress your guests.

STR investment success

6 Success Factors for Short-Term Rental Investment

When you’re just starting, investing in property can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we asked Eric for his top tips and gems of advice on how to invest successfully, and grow your rental business sustainably. Before you spend a cent, check out Eric’s 6 essential things you must consider before investing in short-term rental properties.

scale STR

Scale Your STR Business: 3 Growth Strategies from the Million Dollar Host

You’re determined to grow your vacation rental management business, but you’re faced with a common problem. Caught up in the day-to-day tasks, you don’t have time to plan for the future or focus on acquiring new properties. We sat down for a chat with Julie George, the “Million Dollar Host,” about the best ways to grow a property business.

airbnb opportunities

Airbnb Opportunities Graded by a Professional Revenue Manager

Airbnb Opportunities have become an essential part of every revenue manager’s toolkit. But, like any powerful tool, they can wreak havoc when used poorly. In this post, we grade each Opportunity and tell you how to use them to maximize your earnings.

damage prevention

Damage Prevention: How to Protect Your Vacation Rentals

We’ve all read the horror stories about Airbnb parties, disrespectful guests, and trashed properties—so how can you stop your vacation rental from becoming another statistic? In this post, we’ll explain why taking the time to damage-proof your property is worth it, and share our top 8 tips on how to keep your place as damage-free as possible.

vrbo house rules

Vrbo House Rules: A Guide for Hosts

Clear and concise Vrbo house rules are a great way to tell travelers about what is and what isn’t allowed at your property. If you’re feeling a little lost or need some guidance about how much detail you need to go into, in this post, you’ll find examples of rules that you can’t miss in your vacation rental.

vrbo cleaning fee

Vrbo Cleaning Fee: What Is It and How to Set It?

Not sure whether you need to set a Vrbo cleaning fee for your listing? Setting a cleaning fee protects Vrbo hosts from absorbing the cost of cleaning up after their guests depart. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about the cleaning fee and how it will impact your listing.

STR streaming

Should You Provide Streaming Services in Your Vacation Rentals?

If you’re in doubt about the kind of entertainment package to provide in your short-term rental, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll go through some of your options when it comes to streaming and entertainment. We’ll weigh up the pros and cons of each and include insights from fellow hosts explaining what they do and why.

Vrbo guest reviews

Vrbo Guest Reviews: How to Manage Them as a Host

Authentic reviews from travelers are essential for any Vrbo vacation rental because they serve as social proof for future guests and are critical in their decision-making. So how do Vrbo reviews work? In this article, we’ll talk about getting more positive reviews on Vrbo and how to review your guests, and remind them to leave feedback on their stay.

remote hosting

Remote Hosting: How to Manage Your Airbnb From Anywhere

Managing an Airbnb or two can be a great source of income, but it can also be complex, with lots of moving parts. But it’s easier than you think to successfully manage a property remotely. With a little setup and clever use of technology, you can manage an excellent, five-star Airbnb with minimal fuss, risk, and cost.

vrbo rules for owners

Vrbo Rules for Owners: a Starter’s Guide

Before you create a listing on Vrbo, it’s essential to review the laws that apply to short-term rentals in your area. Then you should examine the Vrbo hosting rules and prepare to follow the best practices. Don’t feel overwhelmed, and let this article guide you.

furniture supplies brands

The Best Furniture, Bedding, Decor: What Are STR Hosts’ Must-Haves?

We’ve rounded up our best tips to choose the ultimate supplies for your short-term rental. We’ve considered style, sustainability, function, and safety, as well as durability and affordability too—so it boosts the guest experience, thrills guests with your thoughtfulness, and gives them a great stay, without breaking the bank.

vrbo tips for owners

Vrbo Tips for Owners

Looking to make money on Vrbo as a vacation rental owner? It’s one of the biggest platforms in the industry that features more than 2 million properties across 200 countries. If you want to attract travelers, you should do your best to stand out. Here are effective Vrbo tips for owners to help you do just that.

pet friendly vacation rentals

Pets or No Pets? The Pros & Cons of Welcoming Furry Guests

Do guests keep on asking if your vacation rental is pet-friendly? If you’ve ever known a pet owner, you’ll know how difficult it can be to go on holiday without the furriest member of the family. We’ve spoken to experienced pet-friendly hosts to get the inside scoop on whether inviting furry guests is worth the hassle.

Vacation rental amenities

Can a Hot Tub Make You Money? Top Amenities According to Hosts

There are over 20 amenity filters on Airbnb, so guests can customize their searches to include almost every detail of their perfect stay. We’ve spoken to real hosts about which amenities they recommend (and which ones they say to avoid). Let’s take a look at their advice.

Airbnb marketing strategy

Airbnb Marketing Strategy for Hosts

You need to build and implement a consistent Airbnb marketing strategy to set your business apart from the competition and attract more guests. In this blog post, we’ll talk about effective marketing techniques that you can use to reach more customers and maximize your bookings.

Automation vs property management

Automated Self-Hosting vs Rental Management: Which is More Profitable?

Here’s how to decide if it’s really time for your business to hire a property manager, or whether you can keep things simple, easy, and cost-effective (not to mention getting your life back) by automating everything instead.

airbnb etiquette

Airbnb Etiquette: Top Tips for Hosts

Airbnb etiquette is the set of commonly accepted rules and practices that most users on the platform (hosts and guests) abide by. So what makes good Airbnb etiquette, and how can hosts use it to their benefit? Read on to find out.

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