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airbnb vs renting australia

Airbnb vs. Renting in Australia: Which Strategy Should You Choose?

Airbnb vs. renting: which approach can yield the best income in Australia? This blog will compare both options to help you identify your business's best rental property investment strategy.
how to airbnb your home australia

How to Airbnb Your Home in Australia

Turning your property into a successful Airbnb can give you the freedom of being your own boss. But what must you do to get started on this global marketplace that connects travelers looking for unique places to stay and personalized experiences and homeowners wanting to make extra money?
ALL-in-ONE Masterclasses-part2

Unlocking Direct Booking Growth for Vacation Rentals—Masterclass Compilation—Part 2

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of direct bookings? With the landscape of vacation rentals constantly evolving, it's time to take control and steer toward unprecedented growth.
airbnb photographer

Airbnb Photographer: Should You Hire One to Take Photos for Your Listing?

When done correctly, each photo can become a powerful tool that can influence a guest's booking decision. Does it mean you need to hire a professional Airbnb photographer, and how much does it cost? Let's find out.
airbnb commission uk

Airbnb Commission in the UK: What Percentage Does Airbnb Take?

Many people in the UK take advantage of hosting on Airbnb while connecting with travelers worldwide. But how much does Airbnb charge hosts in the UK? In this post, we’ll talk about Airbnb commission in the UK and why hosts have to pay it.
blackout dates

Blackout Dates: What Are They and How to Manage Them Effectively?

Blackout dates are common practice for vacation rental hosts because they allow them to control their property’s availability. Blackout dates can significantly impact your revenue and guest satisfaction, so it’s important to understand how to use them effectively.
Leveraging AI for Smarter Guest Management

Leveraging AI for Smarter Guest Management in the Vacation Rental Industry

Traditional screening methods? They're okay, but they're kind of like using a map when you could use GPS. You get there eventually, but it takes longer, and there's more room for error. That's where AI comes in.
Masterclass compilation 23-1

The Future of Vacation Rental Operations—Masterclass Compilation—Part 1

Are you passionate about providing top-notch hospitality experiences and always keen on the latest industry trends? Then, it’s about time you dive deep into the evolving world of vacation rental operations through the Hospitable Masterclass series!
airbnb average occupancy rate

Airbnb Average Occupancy Rate in the UK Market

One of the most important metrics you should consider when choosing a market and checking out prospective investment properties is the Airbnb average occupancy rate by city. Read the article to learn about the occupancy rate in different UK cities and regions.

Managing Your Rental Property Finances with Benjamin Elbaz from Clearing

Are you tired of the endless spreadsheets, confusing tax requirements, and the overall headache from managing your vacation rental finances? This episode covers the world of financial management for vacation rentals with Benjamin Elbaz, the co-founder of Clearing.
is airbnb profitable in australia

Is Airbnb Profitable in Australia?

Many Airbnb hosts join the community each year, and you also may be thinking about putting your house in Australia on Airbnb or even considering investing in an Airbnb property. But before you do, it’s important to understand how much you could earn and whether it’s worth it. So, is Airbnb profitable in Australia? Let’s find out.
sonder vs airbnb

Sonder vs. Airbnb: What Are the Main Differences?

Sonder and Airbnb are well-known brands in the hospitality industry. In this blog, we’ll compare Sonder vs Airbnb: their business models, types of property, features, and offerings to help you get a better understanding of how Sonder differs from traditional vacation rental platforms.
airbnb insurance uk

Airbnb Insurance in the UK: What Are Your Options as a Homeowner?

Accepting guests means opening your home to strangers, posing certain unique Airbnb risks. In this blog, you’ll find answers to the most common questions about Airbnb insurance in the UK and learn how it will protect you and your assets.
podcast compilation part 3

Best Tips to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business—Podcast Compilation—Part 3

If you're a vacation rental host gearing up for the new year, you're in for a treat. We've gathered some of the brightest minds in the industry to help you kickstart the year with a bang.
vacation rental cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleaning: Best Practices

Guests want to enjoy their stay and relax with their loved ones, but a dirty vacation home can ruin a good vacation fast. Whether you handle cleaning yourself or prefer to hire professionals, in this blog, you'll find answers to the most common questions about vacation rental cleaning.
Podcast compilation-part2

All You Need to Know About Vacation Rental Finances—Podcast Compilation—Part 2

From underappreciated aspects of ROI to data-driven revenue management and innovative banking solutions, we've got a tip for every occasion concerning the financial part of your vacation rental strategy.
igloohome integration

Unlocking Seamless Hospitality: Integrating Hospitable with igloohome Smart Locks

In the realm of smart home technology, igloohome stands as a beacon of innovation. This article explores the seamless integration of Hospitable with igloohome smart locks, ushering in a new era of convenience and security.
wifi marketing

Enhancing Guest Experiences with Integrated WiFi & Guest Marketing

Integrating innovative WiFi solutions with a robust PMS can significantly elevate guest engagement. By harnessing these technologies, property managers can provide a more personalized, seamless, and connected experience, fostering guest loyalty.

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