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types of glamping

RVs, Yurts, Treehouses: What’s the Best Unique Rental to Invest in?

Glamping is a serious trend right now, from pods and yurts to treehouses and more (bed in a bubble anyone?). But faced with so much choice, it can be overwhelming to know whether you should invest in a unique rental at all. And if you do invest, what type of glamping might work best for you as a vacation rental host?
Airbnb FAQ

Airbnb FAQ for New Hosts

Thinking about creating a listing on Airbnb to rent out your property short-term and earn extra income? As an aspiring Airbnb host, it's most likely you have tons of questions about hosting on this well-known platform. In this article, you'll find answers to the most common questions that potential Airbnb hosts may have.
Home Havens case

How Home Havens Scaled from 16 to 160 Units with

Lauren and Aaron Havens are local legends in Utah where they run a short-term rental management business and two motels, and teach others how to set up and manage their own vacation rentals. In this blog, we put the spotlight on Lauren who tells us how Hospitable helped grow her business.
Guest screening

How to Make Guest Screening Part of Your Direct Booking Strategy

While creating a direct booking strategy lets you sidestep OTA fees and rules, it also means going without their profile verification tools and background checks, and significantly increasing the risk of major issues. Faced with such risk, reliable and robust guest screening tools—such as Autohost, which integrates with—are more important than ever.
Vrbo insurance

Vrbo Insurance: a Comprehensive Guide for Hosts

When you list your property on Vrbo, you put someone in charge of taking care of your house or apartment while you are not there. You can't be sure that all your guests will treat your home like their own. In this guide, we'll talk about how Vrbo insurance works.
vacation rental market research

Your Guide to Vacation Rental Market Research

No matter how much you think you know your market, can you ever really guarantee an investment will be successful? Discover how to make informed decisions about where to purchase property and increase your chances of vacation rental investment success with data-driven market research.
Vrbo check-in instructions

Vrbo Check-In Instructions: Making the Process Easier for Guests

Before your guests arrive, you need to provide them with detailed check-in instructions so that they can easily access your property and feel welcome. In this article, you’ll find some tips on creating clear check-in instructions for your Vrbo guests and what information travelers will find most useful.
Vrbo check-out instructions

Vrbo Check-Out Instructions: What to Include?

You should provide your guests with clear Vrbo check-out instructions so that when it's time for them to depart, they know exactly what they need to do before they leave. You will learn what to include in your check-out instructions to help guests understand what is expected from them.
glamping business

Glamping Business: Beginner’s Guide

Glamping or glamorous camping is a new trend in the tourism industry that is quickly becoming popular worldwide. The global glamping market size is huge, so starting a glamping business as an alternative to traditional vacation rental homes can be a great small business opportunity to explore.
Airbnb descriptions

Airbnb Descriptions 101, Including Examples

It's up to you to write an attention-grabbing description that will convince travelers to click the Book Now Button. Need help getting started? Here are our top tips on how to write Airbnb descriptions and get travelers excited about staying in your space.
Airbnb dos and donts

Airbnb Dos and Don’ts Every Host Should Know

Want to become a great host with plenty of 5-star reviews? You'll need to make your listing stand out from the crowd and do your best to delight your guests. To help you navigate your way in the hosting world and avoid common mistakes, we have put together this list of Airbnb dos and don'ts you should keep in mind.
Airbnb smoking fee

Airbnb Smoking Fee: How to Enforce a No-Smoking Policy

Guests who smoke inside a vacation rental property can bring several problems that most hosts would rather avoid. Smoking in a short-term rental can result in an expensive cleaning bill for a host and, potentially, a bad review from future guests. So what can you do when an Airbnb guest smokes in your home?
STR instagram

Marketing Vacation Rentals on Instagram: 18 Tried-and-True Tips

It can be tough to know where to start with Instagram, especially when millions of “influencers” make it look so easy, and there are seemingly hundreds of moving parts (photos, Reels, Lives, captions, videos, hashtags). In this post, we’ve asked some successful hosts for their top tips on using Instagram for vacation rentals, so you can hear what really works from people who’ve actually done it.
Airbnb extra guest fee

Airbnb Extra Guest Fee: Does It Fit Into Your Pricing Strategy?

Setting your pricing strategy is one of the hardest aspects of being an Airbnb host. Doing it right is important for staying competitive and attracting more bookings. You can raise your nightly rate by charging an extra fee when you host more guests than usual. Let’s see how you can use an extra guest fee to boost your income on Airbnb.
vacation rental brand

How to Build a Vacation Rental Brand: 5 Tips for Hosts

Even if you’re just starting out, or only have a few listings, “building a brand” is what marks the haphazard, hobbyist hosts out from the standout, star vacation rentals. It creates a consistent service that makes guests happy and makes you good money to boot. And while it’s totally possible to DIY it─ we know it can feel like a lot. That’s why we’ve laid out our exact method.
airbnb breakfast ideas

Airbnb Breakfast Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Offering your Airbnb guests breakfast is a great way to make them feel welcome and enhance their stays. Although the platform doesn’t require you to do it, people love when hosts go the extra mile to provide better service. Read this post to find some Airbnb breakfast ideas.
smart pricing

Dynamic Pricing for Vacation Rentals: Is It All It’s Made Out to Be?

Setting nightly rates for your vacation rental is complicated. Sure, you know you should charge more when demand is high, and drop prices during quiet periods. Most property managers don’t have time or energy to closely monitor the changing conditions. That’s where dynamic pricing comes in.
Airbnb check-in instructions

Airbnb Check-in Instructions: Tips on How to Delight Your Guests

Your guests’ check-in sets the tone for their entire stay. If this process is stress-free and smooth, it can help lead to positive reviews. Find out how to create check-in instructions for your short-term rental and make the check-in process smooth for you and your guests.

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