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Vrbo FAQ

Vrbo FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Listing Your Property

Thinking about listing your vacation rental property on Vrbo to reach more travelers worldwide? Most likely, you have lots of questions. In this article, we answer some common questions that will help you understand how this platform works for property owners.
Airbnb experiences

Airbnb Experiences: Make Money for Doing Something You Enjoy

Airbnb Experiences program offers travelers a way to immerse into a destination's culture in a local expert's company. At the same time, the program gives Airbnb hosts an opportunity to make some extra cash while sharing their hobbies, skills, or expertise with the community.

Simon Lehmann, CEO & Founder of AJL Atelier, “We Need to Lift the Game!”

Vacation rental industry trends, necessary tech and software, direct bookings, and lucrative investments. These are just some of the topics Hospitable CEO Pierre-Camille and Simon Lehmann, CEO & Founder of AJL Atelier, discussed in the third episode of our Hospitable Hosts podcast.
vacation home names

Vacation Home Names: Tips for Naming Your Property & 100+ Ideas

Having a name for your vacation rental home gives it identity, makes it stand out from all the other rentals in your area, and gives your guests something to remember. If you're unsure where to begin, here you can find some tips on how to name your vacation rental home and ideas for inspiration.
benefits of buying airbnb property

5 Benefits of Buying an Airbnb Property Over a Long-Term Rental

Airbnb investments are suitable for you whether you're getting started in real estate investing or you've just heard about them and desire to explore their potential. They aare a great option for investors who want to invest in rental properties but wish to forgo traditional landlord responsibilities.
Quynh Vu case

How Quynh and Tri Vu Manage 6 Properties Using Hospitable’s Automation Features

Quynh Vu went from being a full-time pharmacist to a short-term rental host managing six properties across three states with her husband Tri in just two years. Quynh and Tri switched to automation with, which was a complete game-changer.
vacation rental apps

Vacation Rental Apps: Best Tools for Hosts

Apps can help you automate tedious operational tasks and run your vacation rental business with ease. To help you find a tool that fits your needs, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best vacation rental software to help ensure everything runs smoothly.
switching to Hospitable

Switching to STR Software: How Easy Is It?

You want to change your vacation rental management software but you don’t want to deal with the learning curve, downtime, or frustrating logistics of switching platforms. We get it. That’s why we’re all about making hosts’ lives as easy as possible—including when making the switch to our platform.
Hospitable case

How enabled this remote rental host to go from strength to strength

As successful hosts of a rental in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, Jason Wolohan and his wife Rachel run their property entirely remotely from Maryland (eight hours’ drive away), without sacrificing attention to detail, great communication, or guest experience. And they do it all with—our tool designed to help hosts do exactly that.
positive cash flow vacation rental

How to Buy a Positive Cash Flow Vacation Rental Home

Earning a positive cash flow from your vacation rental home isn’t a given. You must invest in the right property to start with. Besides, there are other steps you need to follow to achieve better returns from your Airbnb investment. In this article, we’ll be looking at these steps.
Security Deposit

[New Feature] Set an Offline Security Deposit for Airbnb

Recently, Airbnb announced that it no longer offers security deposit collection via the Resolution Center. Instead, hosts can only set security deposits through API-connected software. Now, using your Hospitable account, you can inform your Airbnb guests that a security deposit is required and automate the communication around it as part of the guest’s booking flow.
airbnb expenses

Airbnb Expenses to Keep in Mind if You’re Going to Be a Host

Starting an Airbnb requires investment. But you can only make good investing decisions if you understand your expenses. So how much does it cost to start an Airbnb, keep it running, and ensure you can make money from it? Read this article to find out.
STR financing

Short-Term Rental Financing: Why You Need A Different Approach

Why now is a great time to invest in short-term rentals? What are the financing options available to short-term rental hosts? Why loans for short-term rentals are different and how they work? These and other questions answered.
Airbnb squatters

Airbnb Squatters: How to Spot and Avoid Them?

Airbnb squatters are guests who refuse to leave your rental—can be a huge inconvenience, and in some of the worst cases, they may cause damage hurting your wallet and reputation. Find out which red flags you shouldn’t ignore to avoid dealing with Airbnb squatters that just won’t leave.
Tools for Airbnb Hosts

Tools for Airbnb Hosts: Best Apps to Save Time and Boost Performance

As an Airbnb host, you juggle many responsibilities even if you have only one rental property. Luckily, you don’t need to do everything manually. Let’s look at top tools for Airbnb hosts that can save you time, boost your business efficiency, and give you more freedom to focus on growing your business.
app back online

A Message From Our CEO: Our iOS App is Back Online

Our iOS app hasn’t been available in the App Store since February 19th, 2022. Apple removed it on the grounds that we should implement in-app purchases. After a three-month-long dispute with Apple, we managed to get our iOS app back online.
STR insurance

Choosing Vacation Rental Insurance for your Direct Bookings

Setting up your own direct booking platform is a great way to free yourself from the tyranny of booking platform fees. But what happens when your guests damage your vacation home or injure themselves during a stay? Let's review the top insurance providers out there!
running an airbnb

Running an Airbnb: Tips for Success

If you have available space, running an Airbnb is a great way to make extra money on the side. But having a successful Airbnb isn’t simply listing your rental property and waiting for the bookings to roll in. There’s actually a lot more to it. How does it all work? Here are key things to remember and top tips for turning your property into an Airbnb success story.

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