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luxury travel on a budget

Luxury Travel on a Budget: Those Extra Details that Take your Property to the Next Level

In this article, we speak to Brian Seelos, owner of nine stunning vacation properties, who proves that luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive.
vegan tourism

Vegan Tourism: Why and How to Target this Niche Audience

Vegan tourism is on the rise, and as the industry reports show, it's a trend that's worth embracing. We spoke with Linsey Minnella, co-founder of the booking platform Vegvisits, “a website that revolutionizes the way vegetarians connect with like-minded people.”
Airbnb metrics

Airbnb Metrics Every Host Should Track

Understanding key Airbnb metrics is imperative to running a successful business. Don't know where to start? Read this guide to learn more about what metrics and KPIs you should monitor to ensure you are on the right path to achieving your short-term and long-term business goals.

How to Make Your Short-Term Rentals More Environmentally Friendly

Making your property more environmentally friendly allows you to future-proof your business. We spoke to Deborah Labi of The Green Path Podcast about a number of ways that you can make your short-term rental more eco-friendly.
tips to create videos

How To Create Amazing Videos for Your Vacation Rental Listing

To give you the insights you need to create quality videos for your short-term rentals yourself, we talked to Robin Christman, who got her start in short-term rental photography by shooting for the Airbnb Plus pilot program, capturing some of Airbnb’s premier properties.
how to evaluate rental property

How to Evaluate Rental Property: Top Metrics You Should Know

This article will help you determine how to evaluate vacation rental property to inform your buying decision. We'll also talk about evaluating ROI on a rental property and determining whether the rental is worth the investment.
marketing vacation rentals

Marketing Vacation Rentals: 101 Guide

Marketing vacation rentals is imperative to survive and thrive in this highly competitive market. In this post, we will discuss how to get your first direct booking guest, make them a repeat visitor, and make the best use of online travel agencies like Airbnb.
digital nomad str

Digital Nomads and STRs: Market Growth Since COVID-19 and How to Capitalize On It

In this post, we explore how the digital nomad market has grown since the pandemic, the benefits and tips for capturing digital nomads as reliable guests.
vacation rental organizations

Vacation Rental Organizations You Should Follow

Vacation rental organizations exist as support hubs and focus on simplifying legislation, communicating industry trends, and providing resources to their members. In this blog, you'll find a list of vacation rental organizations you should consider following.
flipping a property

How to Renovate a Property for a Short-Term Rental Business (with Expert Tips)

When you purchase a property to renovate and rent it out as a vacation home, you want to be sure you’re making the most of your investment. We spoke with Rick and Carly at Fresh Coast Flips to learn about the nuances of renovating homes for rental income.
sustainable STR

Sustainable Practices for Your STR: What’s the Business Value?

While it’s generally thought to be financially advantageous, investing in sustainable practices can be costly, and there’s no guaranteed return on investment, which can make implementing a sustainable strategy complex. See how making your STR more sustainable, environmentally conscious, and socially aware can impact your vacation rental business.
airbnb risks

Airbnb Risks and Remediation Strategies for Hosts

The financial benefits of listing your rental property on Airbnb are apparent, certain risks come along with renting your home or apartment to strangers. In this article, we'll walk you through common Airbnb risks that short-term rental property owners face and offer suggestions for preventing and overcoming these challenges.
loyalty program

Why and How to Set Up a Vacation Rental Loyalty Program

Question: What’s better than a happy vacation rental guest? Answer: A happy vacation rental guest who books again and again! And a great way to make that happen? Set up a successful loyalty and referral program. Read the post to discover the benefits, types, and best practices of loyalty programs.

Short-Term Rental Investment Tips & Tricks with Tony J. Robinson

Our VP Customers, Matthew, hosted a Hospitable Masterclass together with Tony, where they talked about getting the most out of the world of short-term rental investments. Missed the show live? Let us bring you the selected inspirational insights in our blog format.

Assaf Karmon, CEO & Founder of TurnoverBnB, “What Will Take You a Month, We Can Give in Three Minutes”

Those who have ever tried to fully take over their properties’ maintenance will definitely back our statement that cleaning management often takes most of the host’s effort.
Airbnb Virtual Tour

Airbnb Virtual Tour: Should You Add It to Your Listing?

Are you looking for a creative way to market your Airbnb and attract more travelers? Create an immersive experience for your potential guests using an Airbnb virtual tour. It can help them get a more realistic picture of what to expect when staying at your vacation rental home.
Capture direct bookings

How to Capture More Last-Minute Bookings and Win All 5 Stars Doing It

While last-minute bookings can do wonders for your occupancy rates, they can also create operational nightmares. Success means not just winning those last-minute reservations, but also providing the same quality guest experience.
SmartThings connection

Keeping your SmartThings connected with Hospitable

Have you heard that there are some changes coming to the software that powers SmartThings? The big news is that this will impact some providers’ existing integrations. We have a solution for you not to lose your smart lock features.

You are missing out! helps you automate messaging, team, and operations management, and run all your Airbnb,, Vrbo, and Google properties from one convenient dashboard.

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