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ekabo home customer case study

Ekabo Home’s Journey to Success: Scaling Short-Term Rental Management with Hospitable

Starting with just one rental property in April 2021, Ekabo Home has grown into a thriving property management business, utilizing technology and automation to streamline operations and achieve success.
airbnb scams

Airbnb Scams: How to Spot Them and Protect Yourself

Most of the time, your guests are genuinely interested in staying at your property and are honest and law-abiding. Unfortunately, there are exceptions, so you should be on the lookout. In this blog post, we'll talk about some common Airbnb scams and how to protect yourself from them as a host.
5. pre-masterclass-chris

Upcoming Hospitable Masterclass: Building Credibility and Trust in Your Direct Bookings

Chris Maughan, a prominent thought leader, trust strategist and owner of the International Property Rental Approval Certification (I-PRAC), will share his insights on trust marketing, the role of property certifications, and the first steps towards building credibility with your guests.
airbnb automation

Airbnb Automation: 7 Ways to Streamline Your Business

Airbnb automation can help remove the stress from the equation of managing your STR business and give you more free time to focus on providing exceptional guest experience and increasing profits or spend this time on things you care about.
Airbnb welcome book

Airbnb Welcome Book: How to Impress Your Guests

A welcome book allows you to create a great first impression on your guests, provide them with useful information about your rental space, and ensure they have a great vacation. Here are tips on what details to include in your welcome book to make your guests feel at home and make their stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
dealing with bad guests

How to Handle Difficult Short-Term Rental Guests – Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

We cover how to avoid hosting them and how to manage relationships with them once they’re booked in so you can still get 5 stars even when there’s an issue to iron out. Alongside our expert suggestions, we point out the mistakes to avoid and what tools will reduce your workload, help you develop a rapport with guests, and protect your properties and their contents from harm.
attract remote workers

How to Market Your Vacation Rental to Attract Remote Workers

Remote workers and “workationers" want a change of scenery from their usual work environment and to experience new destinations. While there’s an opportunity for owners and managers to tap into this growing market, it's important to consider the unique needs and desires of this group.
Airbnb house rules

Airbnb House Rules: Actionable Tips and Templates

Airbnb house rules are just important as a strong description, clear photos, and a catchy headline in your Airbnb listing. Guests just need a bit of information and direction about your home and what you allow. Make sure to add good vibes to the recipe, and follow our tips.
personalize while automating

How to Personalize Experiences While Automating a Vacation Rental Business

Automation seems like a time-saving solution, but there’s always the concern that a guest will feel like they're talking to a robot. But with the right tools and approach, you can personalize the guest experience while reducing the time you spend on guest communication tasks, making your job easier and your guests happier.
Masterclass - Tips and Tricks to get repeat direct bookings

Get More Repeat Guests for Your Direct Bookings with Damian Sheridan

Damian is a true expert in the short-term rental world and a prominent direct bookings advocate. He offers a wealth of practical and actionable advice, together with like-minded hosts and professionals. This workshop offered an interactive, fun, and informative session that will leave any host and property manager with actionable insights to apply on daily basis.
direct booking site content

How to Build A Direct Vacation Rental Website For More Bookings

From tech challenges to knowing what to write, and figuring out whether you’ve included all the right elements, to getting all the tech working and replacing everything that OTAs provide (like guest screening, payment processing, and listings). And how including all of this helps to build trust with your would-be guests, and ensures your properties are protected and profitable.
Airbnb refunds

Airbnb Refunds: a Host’s View

In a perfect world, if you did your job well as a host to make your guests happy during their stays, you actually wouldn't have to worry about giving them a refund. But in the real world, plans may change, and sometimes, under certain circumstances, you may be asked to give back the money. Read the article to discover the process.
Masterclass announcement Damian

Upcoming Hospitable Masterclass: Direct Booking Tricks for More Repeat Guests

Ever thought about becoming more independent of third-party platforms? Damian Sheridan, Founder and Director of the Book Direct Show and the Scale Rental Show, will share his personal journey into the world of direct bookings.
airbnb property management

Airbnb Property Management: Boosting Your Guest Experience

Airbnb management software is being used by thousands of property managers worldwide to scale up their operations on Airbnb. But, is it reserved just for property managers? Or, is it something that everyday hosts like you and me can use too?
Vrbo alternatives

Vrbo Alternatives for Listing Your Property

With more than 2 million active listings worldwide, Vrbo is a great platform to list your vacation rental home. But plenty of other OTA websites connect property owners with travelers seeking an alternative to a hotel. So on what other sites should you list to increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and getting more bookings?
Airbnb neighbor complaints

Airbnb Neighbor Complaints: What to Do about Them

Airbnb neighbor complaints can be tricky to handle, and they can cause serious obstacles to your business, so the best strategy is to prevent them from happening. Find out how to avoid neighbor complaints and what to do if your neighbors are upset with your guests’ behavior.
vrbo cancellation policy

Vrbo Cancellation Policy: Short Guide for Hosts

Vrbo cancellation policy is a must-have for any host. It will allow you to provide your guests with the necessary information about their booking and be covered if your guests don't show up. Explore the options and best practices in our guide.
masterclass thumbnail

Your Top-Notch Party Prevention Toolkit by NoiseAware

Remember that heart-dropping moment of getting a call from a neighbor complaining about noise coming from your rental property? We've all been there. That is why we, at, were thrilled to introduce our hosts to Patrick Arata, Senior Director of Customer Experience at NoiseAware and our expert educator at the most recent Hospitable Hosts Masterclass.

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