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Airbnb essentials

Airbnb Essentials and Extras for the Best Guest Experience

As most travelers consider amenities a top priority for a pleasant stay, a well-outfitted rental space can be the key to attracting Airbnb guests. Need advice on what things you should stock at your property for your guests? In this blog, you’ll find a checklist of all the supplies and vacation rental amenities you should provide to ensure an incredible guest experience.

Creating a direct booking website

Essential Steps to Creating a Website that Drives Direct Bookings

From setting up a direct booking website, taking great photos, showing calendar availability, taking payments, and sending confirmation emails—never mind making sure visitors actually see your site in the first place—it can feel like there are so many moving parts you barely know where to begin. We get it. But pushing past the overwhelm can literally pay off.


14 Must-Follow Short-Term Rental Influencers

The short-term rental (STR) world moves at a fast pace, and if you’re not in the loop you might miss out on new trends, insights, and technologies. Staying up to date with these trends can help to improve your ROI and streamline property management, and the best way to do so is to follow STR influencers and thought leaders.

cleaner management

How to Manage STR Cleaning with Automation

Rather than keeping track of new bookings and check-ins and check-outs manually—and contacting cleaners each time—you can save time, stress, and effort by scheduling messages so they send whenever there’s a new booking or check-out.
That’s right, you can notify cleaners automatically whenever a turnaround is needed and even get alerts in the event of a last-minute booking, or a late or early check-out.

str tax loophole

How to Minimize Your Taxes: The STR Loophole

STRs may look attractive from a tax perspective, but finding that you’re paying more than you ever anticipated can quickly turn your great investment into a major drain. That’s why we’ve talked to Thomas Castelli, a partner at Hall CPA LLC accountancy group in New York. As an expert in helping real estate investors minimize tax and maximize profit, he’s the perfect person to ask for help in reducing your STR tax bill.

Vrbo service animal policy

Vrbo Service Animal Policy Explained

When it comes to running a vacation rental business on Vrbo, it’s up to hosts to decide whether to make their rental property pet-friendly for all their guests. But it’s not the case when it comes to accommodating service animals. In this blog, you’ll find out what is expected from you when hosting Vrbo guests with disabilities that rely on a service dog. We’ll also talk about the Vrbo emotional support animal policy.

Brian Seelos

Host Turned Hospitable Team Member: The Story of Brian Seelos

Brian Seelos initially started his career as a financial planner, before transitioning to a property manager and former short-term rental (STR) host. He now works here at We’ll hear from Brian about his journey and learn more about what it’s like working for a company that understands the firsthand struggles and pain points of hosts.

unique vacation rentals

Unique Vacation Rentals: 14 Cool Places to Get Inspired

One of the main reasons why a lot of travelers prefer accommodations in short-term rentals to staying in hotels is the unique experiences they offer. Let’s take a look at some unique rental properties listed on Airbnb, Vrbo, and These extraordinary rentals attract travelers looking for cool experiences to make their stay memorable.

automate short term rental check in

How to Automate Your Short-Term Rental Check-In with Smart Locks

Your phone rings, and it’s your guest, upset and annoyed because they’ve arrived at your rental, and the rickety key lockbox is broken and won’t open. So what’s the alternative? Smart locks and automated messaging.

Airbnb ESA Policy

Airbnb ESA Policy: Everything a Host Should Know about Emotional Support Animals

If you are renting out your property on Airbnb, there’s a good chance you may come across guests traveling with emotional support animals (ESA). Can you refuse bookings to such guests, or do you need to accommodate them even if you choose to keep your listing pet-free?

booking vs airbnb

Booking vs. Airbnb: Which Platform Is Better for Hosts?

Not sure which OTA platform to choose to list your vacation rental home—Airbnb or Both platforms are popular among travelers and have millions of daily visits, so it’s better to take a closer look at both. Check this post for an in-depth comparison!

airbnb consulting

Airbnb Consulting: Do You Need to Hire an Airbnb Pro?

Whether you’re a successful host or a total newbie to Airbnb, everyone in the short-term rental industry sometimes needs help. You can benefit from Airbnb consulting: be it improving your pricing strategy, automating the processes, or advice on how to make your listing stand out.

mashvisor review

Mashvisor Review: How It Can Help You Make the Smartest Short-Term Rental Investment Decisions

Successful short-term rental investments are not based on intuition, guesswork, or luck. If you want your properties paying themselves off and bringing in revenue year after year, turn to short-term rental investment analytics.

best place to buy a beach house

Best Places to Buy a Beach House in 2022

Looking to buy a vacation home at the beach and rent it out short-term on Airbnb? Beach houses have long been desirable properties in real estate, but not all of them are created equal. In this blog, you’ll find a list of the best places to buy a beach house in the US. It is based on the data provided by Mashvisor.

airbnb categories

7 Ways Hosts Can Take Advantage of the Airbnb 2022 Summer Release

New features such as Airbnb Categories, Split Stays, and AirCover for Guests provided new possibilities for guests, but didn’t quite explain what would happen to hosts who feared they would lose visibility and income as a result.

airbnb corporate lease

Corporate Lease on Airbnb: How to Get Started

Wondering how to make extra money on Airbnb without investing in your own property? An attractive option is a corporate lease on Airbnb that offers a lot of flexibility in subletting a property. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at corporate leasing and give you some tips on building a profitable business through it.


Jasper Ribbers, Co-founder of Overnight Success, “Hosts Become More Professional and Educated”

You are traveling around the world and remotely managing vacation rental properties on three continents. Sounds like a dream? For Jasper Ribbers, Co-founder of Overnight Success, that’s reality.

pre-check-in messages

How to Craft the Perfect Pre-Check-In Message Flow (Example Included)

You want to ensure your guests feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they arrive and know everything they need to know to seamlessly begin their stay, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much information at a time. Read to discover the tried and tested approach.

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