Airbnb Welcome Letter: Tips and Templates

airbnb welcome letter

Everyone wants to be a successful Airbnb host, but it’s not just about securing new guests for your property. The hardest ongoing objective is keeping your guests happy during their stay.

More happy guests mean more 5-star reviews. Thus, even more guests and an approaching sweet superhost badge.

But what if I tell you that you can win your guests’ hearts even before they arrive by sending them an awesome Airbnb welcome letter?

A warm welcome letter that makes a great first impression will frame their opinion of you and your property. It will show your guests that you care about them and their wishes.

So what’s the key to writing an effective Airbnb vacation rental welcome letter? Let’s find out!

Airbnb Welcome Letter: Building Blocks

An Airbnb welcome letter helps you to welcome your guests, introduce them to your rental property, and provide them with some useful tips.

The topics may range from “how to use appliances” to “how to get to the best breakfast café in the neighborhood” to tips on local food and entertainment.

Of course, a welcome letter is a great opportunity to gently remind your guests about some of the house rules.

If you don’t like writing letters, don’t worry. It’s one of those cases when size doesn’t matter.

So what should we write in a welcome letter to set the stage for a wonderful trip of your guests?

Here’s a quick checklist of what to include in the guest welcome letter for Airbnb:

  • A personal greeting, thanking your guest for booking your place
  • Check-in and check-out times
  • Exact property address and detailed directions to the property
  • Your contact information and local emergency services contact number
  • Instructions on how to enter the home and lock up
  • WiFi password and connection details
  • House rules, particularly whether parties, alcohol, pets are allowed, etc.
  • Instructions on how to use appliances, such as heating/cooling system, and more
  • Nearby attractions, tips on local food, and info on the local culture
  • A closing note and thank you

You don’t need to use this exact order; it’s just a framework for creating your own Airbnb welcome letter template.

There are so many things you need to do to be an excellent host. There’s another crucial list: things you shouldn’t do. Make sure you don’t recognize yourself in any of those blunders.

Airbnb Welcome Letter Template

Creating something brand new for each guest would require tons of time and effort, so making a template can help you find a balance.

Template is just the first step

You can automate the whole thing.
Well, actually, Hospitable will automate the whole thing for you.
Check out all the sweet time-saving stuff we prepared for you!

You can use my welcome letter template as a guide.

Hi %guest_first_name%,

I’m excited you decided to book my %listing_type%! Thank you. I look forward to welcoming you on %check_in%.

Here’s everything you need to know to check-in:

Come to %listing_address% to check-in anytime after %check_in_hour%.

We have a lockbox by the door with a key inside. Just enter 123654 code, and you’re all set. Then at check-out, just pop the key back in.

If you need to reach me, keep my mobile number XXXXXXXXXXXX in case of an emergency.

For non-emergency queries, please message me on Airbnb. I’ll be quick to respond, I promise.


The WiFi network is: %wifi_name%

The WiFi password is: %wifi_password%

I would really appreciate it if you could follow the house rules:

  • First and foremost, enjoy your stay.
  • I hope you enjoy the ambiance. I’m sure you’ll do your best to preserve it.
  • Some of our guests may have pet allergies. We’re sorry you won’t be able to take your fluffy friends with you.
  • There’s a nice café with an open terrace right in front of the building. The bench in the back yard is another good place to have a cigarette. I will ask you not to smoke inside the apartment, please.
  • Our neighbors are nice people. They’ve been very helpful when I bought this apartment two years ago. We try to pay them back, asking our guests not to have parties and events inside.

Here is some additional helpful information:


The thermostat is mounted to the kitchen wall. Please turn the dial to adjust the temperature to your liking.


Please help yourself to anything in the kitchen (tea, coffee, salt, olive oil, etc.). Feel free to use our cooking ware, utensils, and appliances. Remember to wash all dishes and utensils prior to leaving.

Trashbags are kept underneath the sink.


You also have access to the washer and dryer. The washing powder and cleaning supplies are in the top cupboard.

Getting around

If you are looking for a restaurant, one of my favorites is At Luka’s; it is located at 15, Einstein Street.

The nearest grocery store is a 3-minute walk from the flat. The address is 14, Bayview Street.

Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay!

Let me know if you have any questions.



Hey, did you notice %the_weird_spelling%? Those are shortcodes we use at Hospitable to personalize the messages. A simple and useful feature to make every message sent sound natural and personalized. You won’t need to become a %coder% to use it😊

Welcome Letter Design

The last time I looked out of the window, it was a digital age outside. Thus, the welcome letter is the message you send to your guest through Airbnb.

You will never forget to send the Welcome Letter again. Hospitable will do it at the best possible moment. Tested: Hospitable's memory is much better than mine!

At the same time, it would be a sweet gesture to custom-design your welcome letter. Consider printing it out and placing it somewhere your guests are most likely to find it after entering your house or apartment.

Think about a special welcome letter design. When choosing fonts, go for readability. Please, don’t use Comic Sans, I’m begging you. You can also add some images.

And if you really want to go the extra mile, you can send your letter in a PDF format so your guests can save it and read it when they have no access to the internet, for example, during a flight.

What to Say to Welcome a Guest

When thinking about what to say to welcome a guest, you should remember that many people choose to stay in an Airbnb property just because they want to connect with local people and to feel that they have a unique experience.

So, you should try to make your welcome letter as personal as possible. For example, you may tell something about yourself, and explain why you love living in that location. A good idea is to add some humor.

Be courteous, polite, and welcoming.

And of course, you should regularly revise your welcome letter based on the feedback you receive from your guests.

If you get some repetitive questions from your guests, it’s a sign you might need to include answers in your welcome letter.

It’s also a sign to use Hospitable.

Our AI recognizes a multitude of questions and sends the right answers on your behalf.
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A welcome note for guests serves one main purpose. It offers your guests a personal, welcoming moment during their check-in to the accommodation and provides them with all the essential information.

It’s especially important for Airbnb hosts who can’t welcome their guests personally. In this case, you should ensure that your welcome letter is comprehensive and informative. Make it brief and not boring.

A perfect Airbnb welcome letter shows that you are a thoughtful host who truly cares about the smallest detail.

Remember to write it from heart, and your guests will appreciate your effort and post a positive review of their stay on your property.

Keep an eye on the list of never-to-repeat-horrible-hosting-mistakes-ever. You don’t want a mistake to outweigh all the hard work you’ve put into your STR business.

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