Airbnb Split Stays 101 Guide

airbnb split stays

By The Hospitable Team

The global pandemic has changed how we live, work, and travel. The latest travel trends show that more people are booking longer stays than they used to. Coastal, rural, mountain, and similar destinations continue to attract a lot of travelers. Still, there are not so many available rental properties to go around, leaving guests with nothing to book.

To meet the growing demand for longer stays, Airbnb has introduced its new Split Stays feature, allowing people to split longer stays between 2 different listings.

What Is Airbnb Split Stays?

The Airbnb Split Stays is an integrated search feature. It automatically appears on searches for specific destinations in the All listings category if there are less than 300 listings in search results that meet a guest’s search criteria, such as property type and amenities.

When travelers look for stays of a week or more, Airbnb automatically recommends they split their visit between two different, complementary listings based on the dates they have entered.

Guests can also find split stays when they browse 14 categories, including Camping, Design, Skiing, National Parks, Tropical, Surfing, and more. These pairings allow travelers to enjoy similar vacation rental properties or similar activities in 2 different locations.

How Does Airbnb Split Stays Feature Work for Hosts?

According to Airbnb, Split Stays allows the platform to add 40% more listings to search results when travelers search for stays of 14 nights or longer. This allows the algorithm to show listings that don’t precisely fit users’ search criteria.

For example, it makes it possible for a rural farm or a treehouse outside of the specific destination but matches the property type and amenities chosen by a traveler to appear in search results. By pairing up two consecutive stays and recommending hosts who may not be in the exact area that travelers are searching for, Airbnb is expanding the reach of those hosts to surrounding areas.

The Split Stays feature also makes it possible for properties that are available for only part of the stay to appear in search results. Previously, they would have been excluded from the search results unless the criteria had been explicitly adjusted.

Adding Split Stays, Airbnb improves the visibility of many hosts who offer unique vacation rentals, increasing the number of listings that get a chance to be booked. As a result, their hosts have more chances to turn their real estate side hustle into a successful business. And opting for vacation rental apps like, hosts can automate most of their daily operations and make their business more efficient.

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How Does Airbnb Split Stays Work for Guests?

The Split Stays feature is available on Airbnb for bookings a minimum of one week in length and up to 6 months. If guests are planning trips for a week or more, in addition to all the listings that meet their search criteria, they will see the option to split their journey between 2 separate listings.

Split stays are identified on the map with a unique icon and an animated arc that connects the two listings. Travelers will be able to see where both listings are located and know which stay is their first. The checkout date for the first stay will be the same as the check-in date for their second stay.

It is important to note that bookings made under Split Stays are still two separate bookings with different house rules and cancellation policies. These bookings will appear for Airbnb guests as two consecutive trips, and guests must communicate with each host. Guests can book only one listing and search for alternative listings for their remaining dates.

Final Word

The Airbnb Split Stays feature is a great way to take advantage of changing travel trends. It’s the first of its kind across all online accommodation booking platforms. With this feature, guests can find more options for longer stays without manually searching for separate listings in the same area or in different locations. And Airbnb hosts have better chances to reach more travelers and get more bookings.

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