Airbnb Slow Season: 7 Tips to Increase Your Bookings

Airbnb slow season

By The Hospitable Team

For many Airbnb hosts, the slow season is the dreaded time of year when the usual tourist rush slows down, and keeping their properties booked can be particularly hard.

Although navigating through the Airbnb slow season can be challenging, you can ensure that your income remains consistent throughout the year with the right strategies in place. So, what can you do to prevent your home from sitting empty when things slow down?

In this blog post, we’ll share top tips to help you get the most out of your Airbnb listings and remain profitable during the slow season.

Airbnb Slow Season: How to Ensure a Steady Stream of Income

You can do a few things to drive demand during the Airbnb slow season. Here are seven effective strategies tailored for these quieter months that can transform them into profitable opportunities.

Reduce your minimum stay requirements

A longer minimum stay makes sense in peak seasons, but it can be a smart move to reduce it in the slow season. For example, if you usually have a 2+ night minimum, the slow season may be a great time to test out a single night minimum, even if you set it just for weekdays.

Shorter minimum stays look appealing to a broader range of travelers, especially those seeking brief escapes. Being flexible with stay requirements will allow you to meet their needs and increase the likelihood of bookings. This approach will help fill up your calendar and keep your rental competitive and profitable year-round.

Enhance guest experience

Airbnb hosting is about hospitality, so you must prioritize exceptional guest experience. That means creating a cozy space for your guests, stocking your kitchen with essentials, and providing thoughtful amenities and high-quality bedding. A good idea is to optimize your home for business travelers and include pet-friendly features in your listing.

You must also ensure impeccable cleanliness and proactive communication with guests during the customer journey. This way, you can make your guests feel cared for and happy, and happy guests are more likely to leave you positive reviews. Remember that 5-star reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations from previous guests can significantly affect bookings.

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Remove extra person charges

Many hosts set extra person fees throughout the year because of the extra work and property wear and tear in welcoming additional guests. It’s an aggressive pricing strategy, and by dropping it during the slower season, you can make it cheaper for travelers to stay at your place.

Eliminating an extra guest fee during the slow season could be particularly helpful if you live in a highly seasonal area. Having an extra guest doesn’t add much work to your schedule, but it could make the difference between someone booking a night at your rental or not.

Offer discounts

Since the demand during the slow season is lower, you may consider reducing your rates to attract more travelers. This will help you remain competitive with local hotels offering discounted room rates during unpopular periods. It’s also important to monitor the prices of similar listings in your local area and adjust your nightly rates accordingly.

Offering discounts or value-added perks can also entice potential guests to choose your Airbnb property over others. For example, you may encourage your guests to book additional nights at discounted rates and offer discounts for last-minute bookings and long-term stays like a week or a month. Just add the word “discount” to your title to inform your potential guests that the prices are lower than usual.

Adjust calendar availability

This tactic can help attract potential guests planning to travel ahead 6 or more months before the slow season. For this to work, you should extend your Airbnb calendar availability to 12 months into the future at the start of a busy season. After three months, you need to adjust your availability to 9 months into the future, and three months later, you should adjust your availability to 6 months.

List your property on more platforms

If you have a listing only on Airbnb, it’s time to expand and list your property on other short-term rental platforms, at least such significant players in the vacation rental market as Vrbo and This way, you can reach a wider audience and increase your visibility. 

Opt for vacation rental software with channel manager functionality like Hospitable. You’ll be able to list on multiple channels without worrying about juggling calendars, messaging, and cleaners across bookings. With Hospitable, you can efficiently manage all your accounts on Airbnb, Vrbo, and and be protected from double bookings.

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Find creative ways to market your rental

Attracting guests to your Airbnb rental during the slow season can be challenging. But it’s the perfect time to get creative and explore unique ways to market your Airbnb farm, family home, or other type of vacation rental property. For example, you may try to gain exposure in the local community by networking with nearby businesses or attending local events.

Another effective strategy that can help your Airbnb stand out and attract more guests is to highlight the unique features of your rental by adding stunning visuals and creating engaging listing descriptions. Popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can also be valuable tools to reach a wider audience.

Remember that with a little creativity and effort, you can successfully market your vacation rental property and thrive during the Airbnb slow season.

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