Airbnb Security: Tech Items to Keep Your Rental Safe & Secure

airbnb security

By The Hospitable Team

Renting out your property on Airbnb presents some unique security challenges for hosts. When you have guests coming and going from your home or apartment, keeping your rental space safe and secure can get tricky.

There are plenty of ways to protect your home while you’re not there using smart tech items, especially when you’re allowing new people in your space. But when it comes to Airbnb security gadgets, such as security cameras and noise detectors, using them, in some cases, can be legally problematic.

Read on to find out how to use technology to feel safer and more secure as an Airbnb host while abiding by Airbnb’s legal terms and conditions.

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Airbnb Security Cameras: Why Should You Install Them?

There are many legitimate reasons why hosts use security devices. Many of them install security cameras to protect their homes when they aren’t at home. Video surveillance may also help you identify if your guests are trying to sneak in more people than they have paid for.

Other hosts use disclosed cameras in living rooms or other shared spaces to protect their personal property. If something happens, for example, theft or other criminal activity on your property, you’ll have solid video evidence. It could be helpful if you need to file a complaint or even pursue prosecution. 

Having video surveillance can also be a crime deterrent. Most people will think twice about committing a crime if they know they are on camera.

Airbnb Camera Policy

When it comes to the Airbnb camera policy, it’s all about the balance between keeping your place safe and secure and your guest’s privacy. To help provide hosts and guests with peace of mind, Airbnb allows such security measures as security cameras and noise monitoring devices. Still, such devices must be clearly disclosed in the listing description, and you must ensure they don’t infringe on another person’s privacy.

It’s critical to inform your guests that there are cameras on site and any other house rules they need to know. You should provide this information in your Airbnb listing and remind your guests about security cameras and other home automation features in a welcome message.

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So what exactly does Airbnb allow? Hosts are allowed to install disclosed devices that monitor only public spaces and shared spaces, for example, a front door or a driveway. That means devices that allow for viewing or monitoring only public or shared areas that must be clearly identified and disclosed ahead of a reservation are permitted. Keep in mind that common spaces do not include intentionally concealed recording devices such as hidden security cameras in sleeping areas or bathrooms.

Airbnb doesn’t permit intentionally concealed recording devices, such as hidden security cameras. Airbnb prohibits security cameras or recording devices that are in or that observe private spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, or sleeping areas.

You must indicate the presence of all security cameras or other recording devices in or around a listing, even if they’re not turned on or hooked up. You must also always disclose if an active recording is taking place.

Airbnb Security System: Smart Home Security Devices for Hosts

While Airbnb may seem like a safe place to find reliable guests, being a proactive planner is essential. You should set up an Airbnb security system that will help you achieve peace of mind when new people are staying in your space, and you’re not there.  

Smart home security devices can help protect your rental space and your guests and make your place more high-tech and convenient. They will improve the experience for your guests during their stay that will increase your chances of getting 5-star reviews and more bookings.

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When tightening your Airbnb security, it’s better to choose a custom package of devices that fit your needs rather than picking a standard kit. Let’s look at some home security gadgets you can take advantage of as a host.

Smart locks

Having old-fashioned physical keys for your property can be risky because guests often lose them or check out without returning the key. Smart locks add another layer of security and ensure keyless entry to your home or apartment, so you can offer your guests self-check-in.

Airbnb lets hosts send unique passcodes to guests through the app just a few days before they’re expected to arrive to give them temporary access to the property. The passcode expires after the arranged check-out time.

Doorbell surveillance systems

Smart doorbell systems come equipped with video surveillance, allowing the property owner to track how many guests are coming and going from the location. If you are worried about guests breaking your no-pet rules or bringing extra visitors they didn’t pay for, this smart home gadget will keep your property under control while you are away.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detector

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are perfect devices for potential life and death situations. Your guests will feel much more at ease when these systems are installed. Airbnb encourages all hosts to install smoke and CO detectors in their rental spaces. They also provide one free device to anyone with an active listing—only one per host. But if your property is very large, you may need more than one of these devices for complete safety.

Noise detector

If you are not okay with your guests having a party in the house, you might want to use smart devices and apps to be in control. Noise sensors allow you to detect the exact level of noise level happening at your rental property at any given moment. Such devices can help avoid sticky situations with the neighbors and even the police. They will notify you if an unusually noisy situation is occurring.

Motion sensors

If you use your rental property as a home for yourself during some times of the year, motion sensors can help you restrict certain parts. Smart motion detectors will send notifications to let you know when guests begin to enter these restricted areas. As long as motion sensors aren’t equipped with video or photo cameras and audio monitors, they’re completely fair game.

Smart thermostat

This device can make controlling the temperatures of your space much easier. A smart thermostat can be a selling point for any potential guests, especially if your property is in a country with extreme weather. They can also help you save on the bills because they are eco-friendly and prevent energy waste.

Final Thought

Setting up a home security system is brilliant as long as you follow Airbnb’s policies (and laws) because it will help you protect your property. Besides, such an upgrade will also make your rental space more attractive to privacy-conscious travelers because high-level Airbnb security puts the guest’s mind at ease.

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