Airbnb Review Examples and How to Give Them as a Host

airbnb review example

By The Hospitable Team

The Airbnb community is built on trust, so reviews for stays are very important for hosts and guests. They allow hosts and guests to give each other genuine feedback and help the members of the Airbnb community make informed decisions and understand what to expect when making plans.

Unfortunately, writing guest reviews is rather time-consuming, and sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to come up with a new guest review each time. The good news is that you can create review templates, even automate the process, and then carry on with your day.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can automate review management using templates and give you some Airbnb review examples you can copy and paste.

You may also want to check out our blog post to learn about the Airbnb review policy and better understand how the review process works.

Why Are Airbnb Reviews Important?

Positive reviews and high ratings increase your visibility on Airbnb and are a major factor in the guest’s decision-making process when searching for a place to stay. That’s why you should write reviews for your guests.

Remember: guests are likelier to leave you a review if they see you’ve written yours first. So, by writing Airbnb guest reviews, you’ll get more reviews from them in return. And the more positive reviews you receive, the easier it will be to increase your bookings.

Another reason for leaving guest reviews is that you can help the whole Airbnb host community. Other hosts look at previous guest reviews to learn more about the guest and may want to rely on your information before they confirm a booking. So, if you highlight potential problem guests, you’ll do a favor to the whole community.

Another advantage of leaving guest reviews is your opportunity to tell the other side of the story. If a guest posts complaints in their review of your rental property, you can address the problem, show a commitment to improvement, or give a reasonable explanation.

How Can You Automate Your Reviews?

As you see, it’s in your interest to consistently leave guest reviews so they do the same. It also helps you build friendly relationships with your guests and could encourage repeat bookings.

Unfortunately, leaving reviews for your guests is one of those time-consuming tasks, so it’s easier said than done, especially if you’re juggling multiple listings while working a full-time job. That’s why many hosts use gender-neutral review templates instead of drafting a unique response after each stay. That makes the process easier and saves some time.

But the good news is that you can automate your Airbnb host reviews using vacation rental software like Hospitable. Connecting Hospitable to your Airbnb account lets you set up your dashboard, create new review rules, and upload different templates. Our system will use your templates to generate reviews for your guests and publish them on your behalf according to your rule settings.

Automate reviews management

We will follow up with your guest until they leave a review, publish yours, and engage in a special protocol to minimize damage from a bad review.

How to Write Reviews for Your Airbnb Guests

Airbnb states that reviews must be unbiased, contain relevant information reflecting the actual experience, and follow Airbnb’s content policy. Writing helpful reviews is important, so you should think about what you’d want to know before you welcome someone in your place.

When reviewing your guest, you should

  • Be honest and provide a fair assessment of your guest’s stay
  • Be professional and respectful and stick to facts
  • Make sure to include the guest’s name to make it more personal
  • Mention specific details about the guest’s stay, such as communication skills, tidiness, or their observance of house rules
  • Highlight positive aspects
  • Address any concerns or issues in a constructive manner
  • Mention whether you would host them again

5 Positive Airbnb Review Examples

It was my pleasure to host [guest name]! They communicated well, followed the house rules, and even checked out early. I’d be happy to host them again.

We had a great experience hosting [guest name]. They were so easy to communicate with and left the place clean and tidy. [Guest name], we’d love to have you stay with us anytime.

I had a great time hosting [guest names]. They are very friendly and easy-going people who know how to take great care of other people’s property. We hope to host them again in the future!

[Guest name] was a great guest. I just knew that my home was in good hands with them. Any host would be lucky to have them. Looking forward to their next stay!

[Guest name] was quiet, organized, and easy to communicate with. On top of that, they left our home spotlessly clean. Welcome back anytime.

What If You Want to Publish a Bad Review for Your Guest

Although having solid Airbnb house rules will help ensure your guests respect your home,  not every stay will be perfect. Unfortunately, you may encounter a guest for whom you want to leave a negative review.

You must share your honest opinion but remain calm and be specific about what they did wrong. Make it clear that you’re unhappy with the guests and don’t want to host them again in the future.

If you use Hospitable, we can help you post honest feedback and protect your listing from negative reviews. If you mark any review as bad, our system will reschedule it to 20 seconds before the review period expires.

Moreover, Hospitable is an all-in-one vacation rental management software that offers comprehensive useful features and can help you put your vacation rental business on autopilot.

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3 Negative Airbnb Review Examples

[Guest name] was extremely noisy and disruptive, which made it difficult for the neighbors to get a good night’s sleep. I wouldn’t host this guest again.

[Guest name] left the place dirty and untidy. On top of that, I had complaints from my neighbors, saying they were playing thunderous music late at night. I won’t be hosting this guest in the future.

[Guest name] was polite initially but did not comply with our house rules, such as no smoking inside, no parties, and no pet policy. I wouldn’t recommend hosting them.

Final Thought

Positive reviews on Airbnb are important because they help increase the credibility and reputation of your listing and attract more guests, which can result in more bookings and more revenue. That’s why you should always review your guests and not be shy about asking them to leave a review for their stay at your rental.

Hopefully, our Airbnb review examples will inspire you to create your review templates, which you can copy and paste and move on with your other tasks. But if you really want to save time, consider automating review management using tools like Hospitable.

If you want more excellent reviews, you should do your best to ensure your guests have a positive experience while staying at your rental. You also need to have a good understanding of how to interact with guests. Check out our article to learn what makes good Airbnb etiquette and how to use it.

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